Udaariyaan 29 June 2023 Written Story Update

Udaariyaan 29 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Nimmo conducting Nehmat’s baby shower ceremony ritual. Deceptively, Nimmo presents the gifts she gathered from the Sandhus. Nehmat becomes overwhelmed with emotion upon witnessing the gifts, accompanied by the melodious tune of “Khushiya Da Chadeya” in the background. Curious about the decorations, Nimmo inquires about the person responsible, and Nehmat reveals that Sartaj had taken care of it. Nehmat expresses her longing for someone from her own family to be aware of her pregnancy. Surprisingly, Nimmo discloses that Swaroop is already aware, leaving Nehmat shocked. Sartaj clarifies that Swaroop overheard their conversation and assures Nehmat that she won’t reveal the secret to anyone.

Meanwhile, Harleen questions Nehmat about her report, and Ekam fibs about forgetting to bring it. Unbeknownst to them, Naaz overhears this lie and ponders the reason behind Ekam’s deceit when he had, in fact, obtained the report. Fueled by curiosity, Naaz enters Ekam and Harleen’s room and embarks on a search for the report. Observing Harleen and Ekam’s joyous demeanor, Renuka assumes that the report’s outcome is positive and silently expresses her gratitude to God. In the meantime, Naaz discovers the report and learns that the result is negative. Filled with determination, she vows to evict Harleen from the house.

Naaz invites everyone to celebrate the final baby shower ceremony of the family. However, Satti scolds Naaz for some reason. Undeterred, Naaz confronts Ekam about a conversation he had with his wife, implying that Ekam had informed Harleen that she would never be able to conceive. Naaz presents a report stating that the test results are negative, confirming that Harleen cannot have children. This shocking revelation leaves Harleen and the entire family in disbelief.

Meanwhile, Nimmo turns to Nehmat and inquires about her future plans. She praises Sartaj and claims to have seen his love for Nehmat in his eyes. Nimmo advises Nehmat to consider her unborn child, who would need a loving family, and reminds her that Ekam is also moving on with his life. Nimmo tries to persuade Nehmat to marry Sartaj. On the other hand, Naaz approaches Renuka and suggests that she arrange for Harleen’s divorce and Ekam’s remarriage. Ekam loses his temper and reprimands Naaz for her words. Naaz is convinced that Renuka shares the same thoughts, as she too desires to see the next generation of their family.

Ekam finds it hard to believe that Renuka agrees with Naaz. Expressing his astonishment, Ekam stands by Harleen’s side and decides to leave the house with her. Meanwhile, Nehmat apologizes to Sartaj for responding to him late. She explains that she doesn’t want to be unjust to him, as she can only offer him love. Sartaj understands that Nehmat is referring to Ekam and agrees to accept her along with her past. He assures her that he will support her every step of the way and promises to never leave her alone as long as he is alive.

Harleen and Ekam are on their way somewhere, discussing their situation. Harleen expresses her desire to become a mother to solidify their relationship. Ekam reassures her and urges her to have faith in God, believing that a path will reveal itself to them. Meanwhile, Nehmat starts experiencing labor pain while driving. She gets stuck in traffic, and Ekam and Harleen find themselves in the same situation. Nehmat waves a red dupatta to signal that she is in an emergency. Ekam notices this and goes to check on her. Before Ekam can reach Nehmat, a woman approaches him, revealing her pregnancy and seeking his assistance. Ekam helps the pregnant lady clear the traffic, allowing Nehmat to drive away. The woman blesses Ekam for his kindness, assuming that he is the expectant father. Ekam, unaware of her identity, congratulates her on becoming a mother. A Baba nearby congratulates Ekam for becoming a father and predicts that this child will bring him back together with his true love.

[Episode End]

Precap : Harleen accompanies a child to the school and as she does, she notices Nehmat with another child. Overwhelmed with emotions, Nehmat starts to cry. Sensing her distress, Ekam kindly extends a handkerchief to Nehmat as a gesture of comfort and support.

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