Udaariyaan 21 June 2023 Written Story Update

Udaariyaan 21 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Ekam admitting to Harleen that he has betrayed her. He reveals that he forced Nehmat into a relationship with him, despite being married to Harleen. Harleen is shocked and devastated upon hearing this confession, and tears begin to well up in her eyes. In a desperate attempt to deny the truth, she pleads with Ekam, asking him to tell her that he is joking. However, Ekam emphatically denies it, stating that he indeed blackmailed Nehmat into agreeing to be with him.

Curiosity piqued, Harleen inquires whether Nehmat had willingly consented to Ekam’s proposition. Ekam proceeds to narrate how he coerced Nehmat into agreeing by blackmailing her to divorce Harleen. He goes on to explain that Nehmat ultimately agreed to keep them together and helped him realize the gravity of his mistake.

Meanwhile, Nehmat prepares to leave, packing her suitcase. She confides in Sartaj, expressing her lack of reasons to remain in that place any longer. She urges Sartaj to leave with her, and he obliges, taking the suitcase with him.

Back in the scene with Harleen and Ekam, Harleen reveals that she had always suspected Ekam’s feelings for Nehmat. However, Ekam had assured her that he would make an effort to move on and be with Harleen, even if it took time. Overwhelmed with anger and disgust, Harleen unleashes her frustration upon Ekam, raising her voice at him. She tells him that his actions have left her feeling repulsed. In response, Ekam offers a sincere apology to Harleen, but she interrupts him sternly, warning him to keep quiet before she says something to him that she might regret later.

Nehmat and Sartaj step out of the house, accompanied by the melodious tunes of Kismat songs playing in the background. Nehmat suggests that they should meet someone before leaving, to which Sartaj agrees, expressing his desire to thank that person for trusting him. Together, they depart.

Meanwhile, Ekam pleads with Harleen to forgive him. Harleen calmly states that she never forced Ekam to choose her as his partner in life. She had no issues with Ekam loving Nehmat and never doubted his loyalty. Harleen had hoped that one day Ekam would accept her, but he shattered her illusions. Consequently, she refuses to believe him. Ekam assures her that Nehmat is no longer a part of his life and will never return. He promises Harleen the same and begs for a second chance, emphasizing that she is free to leave if she wishes. Ekam declares that he will patiently wait for her forgiveness and her eventual return.

Rupy laments the broken mirror, considering it a sign of misfortune. Satti tries to reassure him, but Rupy insists that Nehmat can never be at fault. He expresses concern for Nehmat, stating that she has yet to reveal the reason behind her refusal to marry Ekam. Satti and Rupy firmly believe that Nehmat’s actions are motivated by a valid and undisclosed reason.

Desperate, Ekam reaches out to hold Harleen’s hand, begging her to talk to him. Harleen forcefully pulls her hand away and storms off without saying a word. Ekam attempts to stop her, but she sternly commands him to stay away. She berates Ekam for deceiving her with false promises, highlighting her efforts to facilitate his progress and prioritize him over everything. Harleen accuses Ekam of insulting her in front of Nehmat at every opportunity. Ekam persists in his attempts to convince Harleen, but she raises her voice, warning him not to touch her and to keep his distance.

Just then, Jasmine arrives on the scene and scolds Ekam. She accuses both Ekam and Nehmat of having an affair behind Harleen’s back, despite Harleen considering Nehmat her sister and refusing to entertain any accusations against her. Meanwhile, Nehmat and Sartaj arrive at the Sandhus’ residence. Renuka reproaches Sartaj for betraying Ekam and rendering them homeless, despite their efforts to raise him. Rupy requests Renuka to listen to what Sartaj has to say, but she remains unforgiving and orders Sartaj to leave. Renuka even raises her hand to slap Sartaj, but Nehmat steps in front of him, shielding him from the blow.

On the other hand, Harleen prevents Jasmine from striking Ekam and confronts her. Jasmine reveals a picture she took at the temple, showing Ekam and Nehmat together, accusing them of betraying Harleen’s trust.

[Episode End]

Precap : Sartaj and Nehmat assure Renuka and the rest of the family that the answers to their questions lie within the confines of the house.

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