Udaariyaan 28 June 2023 Written Story Update

Udaariyaan 28 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Renuka tending to Jasmine’s needs, filled with anticipation and hoping for a positive outcome from her treatment. Naaz informs Renuka that she intends to hold Cherry’s baby shower ceremony the following day, surprising Renuka with the early timing. Despite Renuka’s astonishment, Naaz insists on proceeding with the event on short notice. In a spiteful manner, Naaz mocks Harleen, suggesting that her treatment will once again fail. Ekam enters the scene and overhears the conversation. He confronts Naaz and confidently asserts that Harleen’s treatment will undoubtedly succeed. Renuka concurs with Ekam’s belief.

Later, Nehmat wakes up in a startled state after having a distressing nightmare in which her child is abducted by an unknown woman. Sartaj comforts Nehmat, and she tearfully recounts the details of her terrifying dream. Sartaj reassures her, assuring Nehmat that as long as he is by her side, no harm will befall her or their child. Recalling the doctor’s words, Nehmat vows to protect Ekam’s child at any cost.

Meanwhile, Jasmine approaches the hospital receptionist, displaying Nehmat’s photo and inquiring about her whereabouts. When the receptionist refuses to divulge any information, Jasmine attempts to bribe her. Alarmed, the receptionist calls for security, prompting Jasmine to flee the scene. Jasmine makes a phone call, issuing threats and demanding that the person on the other end gather information about Nehmat. Puzzled by Harleen’s interest in Nehmat, Jasmine wonders about the reason behind her search.

Nehmat adorns a dress in Ekam’s favorite color while engaging in a heartfelt conversation with her unborn baby. She lovingly urges her child to emulate the goodness of their father. Meanwhile, Ekam proceeds to visit the gynecologist, where he is blessed with the opportunity to hear the comforting rhythm of Nehmat’s child’s heartbeat. Overwhelmed by this experience, Ekam is stirred emotionally. Just then, the doctor enters the room and inquires about the source of the captivating heartbeat sound. The doctor explains that it belongs to the child of one of her other patients and proceeds to mistakenly hand Ekam Nehmat’s pregnancy file. As Ekam peruses the document, he stumbles upon alarming complications, leaving him perplexed. In the midst of his confusion, a nurse enters and requests the file, prompting the doctor to realize her error. Hastily rectifying the situation, the doctor exchanges Nehmat’s file with Harleen’s. The nurse informs Ekam that Harleen and Nehmat won’t be visiting until the following day. Deeply saddened by the contents of the report he now holds, Ekam discovers the disheartening news that the results are negative.

Meanwhile, Harleen repeatedly tries to reach out to Ekam, but he remains unresponsive to her calls. Harleen’s mind wanders, assuming that Ekam’s silence is due to his eagerness to share the joyous news of their impending parenthood. Filled with excitement at the prospect of becoming a mother, Harleen eagerly anticipates Ekam’s return. Simultaneously, the doctor conveys to Ekam that this is Harleen’s second unsuccessful attempt, cautioning her against further risky endeavors that could prove fatal. Despite this revelation, Harleen joyfully partakes in Cherry’s baby shower ceremony, dancing merrily. However, Ekam decides not to jeopardize Harleen’s life and exits the doctor’s office with a heavy heart. As he continues to receive Harleen’s calls, he ponders how to break the news to her that she cannot conceive.

Amidst these events, Ekam finally answers Harleen’s call. Inquiring about her report results, Harleen unknowingly prompts Ekam to wipe away his tears and fabricate a lie about not having collected it yet. Urging him to retrieve the report promptly and return home, Harleen eagerly anticipates celebrating the anticipated good news. Naaz ridicules Harleen, confidently asserting that the report will yield negative results. Angered by Naaz’s taunting, Harleen retaliates by throwing water at her, issuing a veiled threat. Naaz warns Harleen that dire consequences await her if any evidence against her arises. Harleen, however, maintains her unwavering faith, insisting that such a scenario will never come to pass. With confidence, she envisions a positive report, a future child with Ekam, and an improved relationship.

Unbeknownst to Harleen, Sartaj surprises Ekam by arranging an intimate baby shower for Nehmat. Ekam is taken aback by the delightful decorations. Meanwhile, Harleen and Renuka anxiously await Ekam’s return, hoping for good news. Upon Ekam’s arrival, he overhears their conversation, catches sight of the report, and hastily conceals it. Naaz, however, notices Ekam’s peculiar behavior in possession of the report.

[Episode End]

Precap : Swaroop and Nehmat are engaged in a video call when Ekam unexpectedly catches sight of them, leaving him utterly astonished.

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