Udaariyaan 26 May 2023 Written Story Update

Udaariyaan 26 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Naaz pointing an accusing finger at Harleen, holding her responsible for Nehmat’s condition. In response, Harleen firmly instructs Naaz to keep silent, adamantly stating that she could never fathom causing harm to Nehmat. At that moment, Jasmine appears on the scene, reproaching Naaz for unfairly blaming Harleen for Nehmat’s plight. Naaz, fueled by resentment, accuses Harleen of favoritism towards herself. She challenges them all, implying that she would be happier if Nehmat were to meet her demise. Jasmine, appalled by Naaz’s callous words, admonishes her for speaking in such a heartless manner. With anger in her voice, Harleen reprimands Jasmine for her statement and storms off in a state of shock. Concerned, Jasmine follows her in an attempt to console her. Meanwhile, Naaz revels in the thought of acquiring the land should Nehmat’s condition worsen.

Shortly after, Sartaj receives an urgent phone call from the hospital and hastily departs. Confused, Ekam follows him. Meanwhile, Jasmine endeavors to comfort Harleen, who blames herself for Nehmat’s situation. Harleen discloses her past suicide attempt, leaving Jasmine deeply shocked. Amidst the emotional turmoil, Satti, weeping, approaches Harleen and utters the word “Nehmat.” Overwhelmed with relief, Rupy and Harleen rejoice as they witness Nehmat, now conscious, returning to them. Filled with remorse, Nehmat apologizes to Rupy for causing them such distress. Curious about Harleen’s whereabouts, Nehmat inquires, and Harleen approaches her. Nehmat assures Harleen that she is fine, attempting to alleviate her guilt. Satti consoles Harleen, urging her not to shed tears. Overwhelmed by her emotions, Harleen rushes out, weeping uncontrollably.

Sartaj and Ekam arrived at Nehmat’s location, where they were greeted by a nurse. The nurse informed them that only two people were allowed to stay and requested the others to leave. Everyone else complied, leaving only Ekam and Sartaj by Nehmat’s side. In a moment of frustration, Ekam scolded Nehmat, expressing his disapproval. Meanwhile, the doctor handed Sartaj the test reports concerning Nehmat’s condition. With a sense of urgency, Sartaj carefully examined the reports. Ekam, still frustrated, continued to reprimand Nehmat for her actions.

However, Nehmat calmly requested Ekam to stop worrying about her and directed her attention towards his wife. Observing the situation, Ekam noticed Harleen running away in tears. Driven by concern, he hurriedly chased after her. Meanwhile, Sartaj was left in a state of shock as he read the report, revealing Nehmat’s pregnancy.

Realizing the delicate nature of the situation, Sartaj discreetly approached the doctor, pulling him aside. He pleaded with the doctor to keep Nehmat’s pregnancy a secret from everyone, including Nehmat herself. Sartaj explained his desire to personally inform Nehmat about her pregnancy before anyone else. Understanding the gravity of the situation, the doctor emphasized the importance of taking good care of Nehmat, considering her pregnancy and the significant blood loss she had experienced.

Meanwhile, Ekam pursued Harleen, desperately attempting to persuade her. Despite his efforts, Harleen ignored him and urged Jasmine to take her home.

Nimmo arrived at the hospital and approached the reception to inquire about Nehmat. As Nimmo did so, Ekam noticed her and recognized her from somewhere. He couldn’t help but wonder how Nimmo was acquainted with Nehmat. Meanwhile, Nimmo managed to meet Nehmat and expressed her concern for her well-being. In the midst of their conversation, a nurse informed Sartaj that the doctor was calling him. Sartaj excused himself, entrusting Nimmo with the task of taking care of Nehmat in his absence.

Taking this opportunity, Nimmo questioned Nehmat about why she hadn’t informed her about her arrival in Moga. In response, Nehmat revealed that Sartaj was Ekam’s cousin, which came as a surprise to Nimmo. Unbeknownst to them, Ekam overheard their conversation. Nimmo remarked that Nehmat’s selflessness reminded her of Tejo, as Nehmat had willingly put herself in a difficult situation for the sake of others’ happiness. Nimmo further explained that Nehmat had sacrificed her own love and helped a stranger like Sartaj, whom she barely knew. Astonished by this revelation, Ekam couldn’t believe what he had just heard.

Lost in thought, Ekam walked along the road, replaying Nehmat and Nimmo’s words in his mind. He realized that Nehmat hadn’t left him for Sartaj after all. This newfound understanding prompted him to question the true reason behind Nehmat’s departure. Meanwhile, Sartaj pondered on how he should approach the delicate topic of Nehmat’s pregnancy. He was certain that Nehmat was carrying Ekam’s child. Ekam, on the other hand, recollected all the events and contemplated whether Nehmat had been coerced or blackmailed into leaving him. Determined to find answers to his unanswered questions, Ekam decided to seek out Nimmo and inquire about the truth.

[Episode End]

Precap : Sartaj pulls Rupy aside, seeking a private conversation. Jasmine observes the scene with apprehension, fearing that Nehmat may have divulged everything to him.

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