Anupamaa 02 July 2023 Written Story Update

Anupamaa 02 July 2023 Written Story Update On

In the latest episode, Anupama confronts Anuj and urges him to reveal what Maya is saying. However, Anuj remains silent. Maya, on the other hand, suggests that Anupama should consider pursuing acting instead of dancing. She also discloses that Anuj is planning to go to the USA, but he refuses to admit it in front of Anupama. Anupama persists in asking Anuj about Maya’s words.

Ankush intervenes and questions Maya about her objection to Anuj going with Anupama. He challenges Maya’s authority to interrogate Anuj and expresses his identity as Anuj’s brother. Maya, incensed by Ankush’s questioning, retorts by asking him who he thinks he is. Ankush reaffirms his relationship with Anuj and demands an explanation from Maya. In response, Maya claims that she holds responsibility over Anuj and continues to probe him.

The Shahs become worried about Anupama’s well-being. Anuj, feeling compelled to respond due to Maya’s interrogation of Anupama, explains that he is going to the USA for business purposes. However, Maya laughs it off, accusing Anuj of trying to deceive her. Anuj implores Maya to stop behaving irrationally, stating that he is not attempting to fool her along with Anupama. Maya, in frustration, grips Anupama’s shoulder and questions why she refuses to leave Anuj. Anuj intervenes, asking Maya to release Anupama. Maya’s anger escalates, but Anuj manages to calm her down.

Maya unleashes a curse upon Anupama, questioning why she doesn’t simply die. The entire room falls into stunned silence as the Shah family observes Maya’s increasingly erratic behavior. Anupama confides in Kinjal that Maya threw a plate at her as soon as she entered the house. Leela, filled with anger, expresses her frustration, stating that the Kapadia family’s pursuit of Anupama’s happiness mirrors their past actions of denying her a peaceful existence. Maya, fueled by her hatred, cruelly demands Anupama’s death.

Anuj, unable to bear the situation any longer, turns away in dismay. Kanta, furious with Anuj for failing to handle Maya, promptly slaps Maya in a fit of anger. She chastises Anuj, questioning his sense of responsibility towards Maya. Barkha informs Adhik that Kanta gave Maya a resounding slap and notes that she now understands where Anupama learned her own slapping skills, attributing it to her genes. Adhik advises Barkha to remain quiet, while Kanta continues to reprimand Anuj for taking on Maya’s responsibility.

In response, Anuj gives a fitting retort to Maya and offers a heartfelt apology to Anupama for spoiling her day. Kanta instructs Anupama to return home, leading to an emotional moment between Anuj and Anupama. As Maya hurls Anupama’s belongings and demands that she leave the house, claiming her rights over Anuj, he firmly declares that they have endured enough of Maya’s madness. Fear no longer holds him back, and he resolves to make a decision. Anuj appeals to Kanta to welcome Anupama back, expressing his shame over Maya’s behavior. Both Anupama and Anuj are moved to tears, while Maya completely loses control of her emotions.

[Episode End]

Precap : Maya makes an attempt to cause an accident involving Anupama, but Anupama’s instincts detect the impending danger.

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