Udaariyaan 31 May 2023 Written Story Update

Udaariyaan 31 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Sartaj feeling anxious about Nehmat’s whereabouts and growing concern for her. Meanwhile, Nehmat walks along the road, experiencing dizziness that forces her to find solace in a nearby stall. Overwhelmed with emotion, she breaks down, replaying Ekam’s hurtful words in her mind. Despite her tears, Nehmat manages to eat the food before her. Unexpectedly, Jasmine arrives at the scene, approaching Nehmat with a deceitful guise. She falsely claims that Ekam is in distress, manipulating Nehmat into accompanying her.

Inside the washroom, Jasmine forcefully pulls Nehmat, subjecting her to a vicious assault fueled by her discovery of the illicit affair between Nehmat and her daughter’s husband. Determined to end Nehmat’s life, Jasmine attempts to drown her in the water. However, Nehmat fights back, pushing Jasmine into the water instead. In a moment of resolute defiance, Nehmat sternly admonishes Jasmine for her malevolence towards herself, Ekam, and even her own grandparents. Fearlessly, Nehmat declares her liberation from the clutches of Jasmine and issues a warning before calmly walking away, leaving Jasmine to ponder the consequences of her actions.

Nehmat arrives at the Sandhus’ residence, visibly distressed. Concerned, Sartaj notices her condition and inquires about what happened. Nehmat expresses her desire to go inside her house, but Sartaj, aware of the potential disappointment it may cause her grandparents, suggests she sits in his car instead. Taking her inside, Sartaj tends to Nehmat’s wound while scolding her for neglecting her well-being. He questions if anything happened to both of them, prompting Nehmat to ask for clarification. Sensing her unawareness of her pregnancy, Sartaj carefully addresses the situation, emphasizing his responsibility towards her. Nehmat reminds him that their engagement is a sham, but Sartaj persists, inquiring about the cause of her injury.

Just then, Cherry interrupts their conversation, informing them that Ekam has summoned everyone for a significant announcement. Worried, Nehmat contemplates Ekam’s words, while Sartaj ponders if Ekam has learned about her pregnancy.

In the presence of their gathered family, Ekam offers prayers before his father’s photo. Jasmine arrives and queries Ekam about the purpose of the gathering. Ekam sarcastically remarks about Jasmine’s ability to manipulate others. Sartaj wonders about the nature of the matter and urges Ekam to share it with everyone. Ekam reveals his intention to fulfill his father’s dream by constructing a school on Randhawa’s land. Sartaj realizes that Ekam remains oblivious to Nehmat’s pregnancy.

Ignoring Harleen, Ekam surprises everyone by calling Nehmat to lay the foundation stone. Harleen feels hurt by this exclusion. Despite Nehmat’s initial refusal, Ekam insists and Sartaj also encourages her to do it. Eventually, Nehmat obliges. Examen then distributes flower petals to everyone, and Ekam instructs them to shower the petals when Nehmat lights the diya.

As Nehmat lights the diya, Ekam whispers to her, reminding her about the timeline. Additionally, Ekam hands Nehmat a coconut and asks her to break it. Sartaj intervenes, expressing concern for Nehmat’s well-being and offering to do it instead. He successfully breaks the coconut. Meanwhile, Naaz tells Balveer that she intends to keep the diamond ring he gifted her, and encourages him to claim his share of the land.

Moving on, Ekam distributes sweets to everyone and announces that construction will commence on that very day. Balveer reminds Ekam that, as the elder of the house, he should have discussed this decision with him. Ekam takes a dig at Balveer, referring to his marriage to a younger woman without consulting the family. Furthermore, Ekam hints that he will name the school after the person he loves the most. This worries Nehmat, fearing that Ekam might mention her name and harm their relationships. Ekam playfully challenges everyone to guess the name of the person he loves. Naaz approaches Harleen, taunting her and questioning if she knows whom Ekam is referring to.

[Episode End]

Precap : Nehmat implores Sartaj to whisk her away from their current location. In the meantime, Naaz stirs up trouble by provoking Harleen. Accusing Nehmat and Sartaj of feigning their engagement, she suggests that they plan to escape once discussions about the wedding commence.

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