Udaariyaan 23 May 2023 Written Story Update

Udaariyaan 23 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Nehmat defiantly tearing the legal documents into pieces, followed by a forceful slap delivered to Naaz. Enraged, Naaz instinctively attempts to retaliate with a slap of her own. However, Sartaj swiftly interposes himself between them, cautioning Naaz against her impulse. He derides Naaz and instructs Cherry to fetch an ice pack to soothe her reddened cheek. Balveer questions how Nehmat could have had the audacity to slap Naaz, to which Ekam contends that Naaz deserved such treatment due to her actions. Ekam further ponders over the irony of Nehmat, who also sought a share, resorting to slapping Naaz for the same reason. Sartaj advises Ekam to refrain from meddling in Sandhu family affairs. Balveer acknowledges Ekam’s point, recognizing the validity of his perspective. Nehmat justifies her actions by claiming that she slapped Naaz in response to her disrespectful behavior towards Nehmat’s grandparents. Balveer stands in support of Naaz, acknowledging her pragmatism. Harman, on the other hand, taunts Balveer for marrying Naaz, who is significantly younger than him, and mocks Naaz for prioritizing legal matters over Rupy’s health by contacting a lawyer instead of a doctor.

Sartaj suggests the idea of writing two separate wills, one to divide the Sandhu family’s property and another to divide the Randawa family’s property. According to his plan, half of the property will go to Ekam, while the other half will be shared between Sartaj and Shanky. Balveer and Naaz are taken aback by this revelation. Naaz, driven by the desire to teach Nehmat a lesson for slapping her, becomes enraged. Balveer intervenes and quickly removes Naaz from the situation. Naaz’s anger towards Nehmat grows, and she seeks to avenge the insult she suffered. However, Balveer advises Naaz to exercise patience, explaining that Sartaj’s interest in the property is merely a result of Nehmat’s actions. He encourages Naaz to wait for the right moment to exact her revenge, and Naaz reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, Sartaj advises Nehmat to take her medicine, with Harleen and Ekam arriving on the scene. Harleen agrees with Sartaj and assists Nehmat in taking her medication. Observing this, Ekam requests Harleen to feed him his medicine as well, and she complies. Sartaj extends an invitation to Harleen and Ekam to join him and Nehmat for dinner. Acting as a gentleman, Sartaj helps Nehmat to settle into her chair, while Ekam does the same for Harleen. Sartaj proceeds to serve food to Nehmat, and Ekam suggests that Harleen and he eat from the same plate. Nehmat witnesses this act and feels hurt by it.

Nehmat rose from her seat, expressing her desire to return home. Sartaj kindly offered to provide her a ride, and they departed together. Ekam watched their departure with a sense of sadness. Meanwhile, Harleen acknowledged that neither she nor Ekam had an appetite anymore. She stood up, clutching her plate as she prepared to leave. Ekam attempted to intervene, but accidentally caused the food to spill. As they left, Sartaj queried Nehmat about her apparent jealousy upon witnessing Ekam and Harleen’s companionship, leading her to abruptly abandon the dinner. Nehmat claimed that Ekam was purposefully using Harleen to provoke her jealousy, suggesting that Sartaj was fortunate not to be emotionally entangled with others like her.

Feeling remorseful for his mistreatment of Harleen, Ekam pursued her, offering his apologies. However, Harleen reminded Ekam that their friendship had developed by choice, though she could no longer perceive that same camaraderie between them. Filled with anger, she departed abruptly. Determined to rectify the situation, Ekam followed her. Meanwhile, Sartaj pondered Nehmat’s words, contemplating their significance. In the midst of this, Ekam inquired why Harleen was asserting that they were no longer friends. Harleen accused him of exploiting their connection to satisfy his ego. In another location, Sartaj resolved to distance himself before becoming emotionally attached to the people present. He attempted to contact Nehmat via phone to share his decision, but she did not answer. Consequently, Sartaj chose to depart without informing Nehmat. Nehmat questioned why fate had brought her back to this place. Simultaneously, Harleen stepped outside to clear her mind, while Ekam resolved to take action in order to reassure her.

[Episode End]

Precap : Harleen inquires of Ekam’s certainty regarding advancing their marriage. He affirms with a nod. As time progresses, Harleen and Ekam’s bond strengthens. However, Harleen is taken aback when Ekam accidentally utters Nehmat’s name instead of her own. Meanwhile, Sartaj ponders whether Nehmat will feel his absence.

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