Udaariyaan 20 May 2023 Written Story Update

Udaariyaan 20 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Nehmat and Ekam finding themselves trapped inside a freezing cold storage room. Nehmat frets over what Harleen might think if she discovers their predicament, to which Ekam adds that even Sartaj could misconstrue the situation. Dismissing his concerns, Nehmat urges him to cease the nonsensical thoughts. As they shiver from the cold, Ekam gallantly covers Nehmat with his jacket. Meanwhile, Naaz is at home, revealing that she had gone to secure Ekam and Nehmat. Nehmat adamantly refuses to accept Ekam’s jacket and taunts her about her attitude. Frustrated, he advises her to wear the jacket instead of adopting a haughty demeanor. Back at the scene, Harleen expresses regret for leaving Ekam and Nehmat behind while they ventured outside. Sartaj attempts to console her, stating that there is no use in dwelling on regrets. He playfully asks if their old love story is rekindling and if the lovebirds have flown away. Irritated, Harleen questions Sartaj’s thought process. He responds by asserting that the truth is that Ekam and Nehmat are not present. Determined, Harleen declares her intention to search for them. Meanwhile, inside the cold storage, Ekam cries out for help, but Nehmat advises patience. Concerned, Ekam remarks that if they remain trapped for much longer, they may not survive. Nehmat inquires about his well-being, to which Ekam assures her that he is fine. He suggests setting aside their issues momentarily and reverting to their former selves, the old Nehmat and Ekam. Tenderly, he rubs her hands, but she rebukes the idea, considering it inappropriate to revert to their past identities. Ekam questions why they should ponder right and wrong on this particular day, when life feels fleeting, akin to an unrealized dream. He implores Nehmat to consider if they can seize this opportunity. Meanwhile, Cherry engages in a phone call, and Naaz queries about his destination. He curtly responds that he is going shopping. Naaz seizes the opportunity to exert control and instructs him to prepare a cup of coffee without sugar for her. Agitated, Cherry storms off. Naaz contemplates how long one can survive in a cold storage room, plotting to shock Harleen. Harleen fervently asks passersby about Ekam’s whereabouts, but receives negative responses. She places blame on Sartaj and admonishes him for bringing Ekam to the location despite her warning about his restlessness. Sartaj defends himself, remarking that her seemingly innocent fiancé is trapped with her unpredictable husband, forcing her to reevaluate Ekam’s character. Harleen becomes furious. Within the cold storage room, Ekam and Nehmat endure the freezing temperatures. Nehmat declares that they will determine the ending of their story, one that is devoid of guilt or pain. Ekam concurs, emphasizing the importance of love in their chosen ending. He acknowledges Nehmat’s happiness, marveling at her radiant expression.

They clasped their hands tightly, their eyes reflecting the same emotions. Shivering from the cold, they sat together as the melodious notes of “Tum Mile” filled the air. Sartaj speculated, “Perhaps the lovebirds went to Nanu and Nani.” Curious, Harleen dialed Satti’s number and inquired. Satti reassured her, “Sartaj will drop us home, don’t worry.” Suddenly, Nehmat started feeling faint, prompting Ekam to notice the plastic sheets and quickly cover her. The soulful tune of “Udaariyaan” played in the background as Ekam contemplated ways to divert Nehmat’s attention. Recalling their childhood, he suggested, “Let’s play.”

Cherry brought a cup of coffee for Naaz and asked if she desired anything else. Naaz gestured for her to leave. Harleen called Cherry and inquired about Nehmat and Ekam’s arrival at home. Cherry responded, “You all went for lunch, right?” Naaz interjected, asking if Ekam had eloped with Nehmat. Sartaj intervened, urging her to answer honestly, “Did they come home?” Cherry replied, “No.” Sensing the complexity of the situation, Sartaj speculated, “They didn’t return. Could someone have kidnapped them?” Ekam lay motionless on the ground while Nehmat pleaded, “Open your eyes, don’t fall asleep.” Naaz arrived, engaging in a heated argument with Sartaj and Harleen. Fearing the worst, Nehmat expressed her last wishes, “If anything happens to me, please ask Nanu and Nani for forgiveness. Tell Sartaj the same.” Ekam firmly asserted, “You can’t escape from here.” Naaz ordered, “Search the entire restaurant!” Balbeer urged them to hasten their efforts, emphasizing that a girl and an ASP were missing. Naaz instructed the manager to unlock the cold storage. With a sinister grin, she exclaimed, “Now the real fun begins.” As they entered, they discovered Nehmat and Ekam within its chilling confines.

[Episode End]

Precap : Nehmat and Ekam are called out by the others. Harleen alerts Naaz, cautioning her about the situation. In response, Naaz grasps a rolling pin, intending to harm Harleen.

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