Udaariyaan 04 June 2023 Episode Written Update

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The episode commences with Naaz intercepting Nehmat’s path, preventing her from entering her room. Naaz implores Nehmat to disclose Ekam’s whereabouts, firmly refusing to allow her inside without revealing the information. Sartaj questions how Nehmat would possess knowledge regarding Ekam’s location. Naaz confidently asserts that Nehmat and Ekam were together, explaining that Harleen slapped her as a consequence of their actions. Naaz beseeches Nehmat to divulge where they had intended to elope. Sartaj interjects, reminding Naaz that Ekam is a police officer dedicated to safeguarding the public. He fabricates a tale, claiming that Ekam discovered Nehmat unconscious outside the hospital and subsequently contacted him. Sartaj further states that Ekam escorted Nehmat home before departing. Harleen ponders why Sartaj is supporting Ekam and Nehmat’s falsehood.

Meanwhile, Ekam experiences melancholy as he reflects on Nehmat’s words. Renuka calls Ekam inquiring about his whereabouts. Ekam deceives Renuka, asserting that he is involved in a confidential mission. Renuka derides Naaz and asserts that Harleen’s decision to slap her was justified. She contends that Ekam was not with Nehmat but rather engaged in a covert operation. Harleen suspects that Ekam lies due to Nehmat’s influence. Nimmo plans to have a conversation with Nehmat the following day in an attempt to understand her thoughts and feelings.

Harleen lay restless in bed, her mind consumed by Sartaj’s deceit. She couldn’t understand why he supported Nehmat and told lies. Doubts started to creep in, making her question the authenticity of their engagement. Meanwhile, Sartaj informed Nehmat that he would be sleeping on the terrace and asked her to contact him if she needed anything before he departed. Nehmat felt relieved that Sartaj didn’t pry further into her actions.

On the other hand, Balveer sought out Naaz, who burned with anger after being slapped by Harleen. Determined to seek revenge, Naaz plotted her next move. Unbeknownst to them, Harleen had made up her mind to confront Nehmat and uncover the truth. As Harleen embarked on her quest for answers, Naaz observed her and stealthily followed.

Nehmat pondered whether she should intervene and prevent Ekam from divulging any secrets. To her surprise, she found Harleen standing before her, her presence causing Nehmat’s anxiety to surge. She wondered if Ekam had spilled the truth to Harleen. Harleen noticed Nehmat’s trembling and questioned her, expressing her desire to discuss something important. Overwhelmed by worry, Nehmat hesitated, uncertain about Harleen’s intentions. Meanwhile, Naaz silently observed the exchange from the doorstep, keeping a close watch.

Harleen’s mind raced, recalling Naaz’s earlier words. She pressed Nehmat further, inquiring why she wanted to marry Sartaj and if her love for him was genuine. Nehmat, bewildered by Harleen’s line of questioning, asked why she was being interrogated. Harleen accused Nehmat of seeking marriage with Sartaj solely to remain close to Ekam under the same roof. Nehmat vehemently denied the accusation, asserting her innocence. Desperate for the truth, Harleen challenged Nehmat to swear upon Rupy’s name, demanding confirmation that her intentions were pure. Naaz silently believed that Nehmat would never resort to making false vows. Meanwhile, Nehmat grappled with the truth of her own feelings, realizing that she didn’t love Sartaj and had kept it hidden from everyone.

Elsewhere, Ekam’s mind is consumed by Nehmat’s words, and his anger erupts into a destructive frenzy, causing him to break objects around him. Meanwhile, Nehmat confides in Harleen, drawing a parallel between Harleen’s attempt to move on with Ekam and her own pursuit of moving forward with Sartaj. She advises Harleen to let go of the past. In response, Harleen challenges Nehmat to swear her love for Sartaj, as a confirmation of her commitment to moving on with him. However, Nehmat catches a glimpse of Naaz’s reflection in the mirror, realizing that Naaz had instigated Harleen. With this revelation, Nehmat refuses to take the oath. Determined to expose Naaz’s deceit, Nehmat reveals her hidden presence. Nehmat reprimands Harleen for doubting her feelings, blaming it on Naaz’s manipulative words. She imparts a valuable lesson to Harleen, urging her to trust her own instincts rather than falling prey to the selfish intentions of individuals like Naaz. Naaz silently walks away, leaving the scene.

Harleen, deeply affected by the situation, walks away in her own turmoil. Meanwhile, Ekam, overwhelmed by Nehmat’s words, finds himself in tears as he contemplates their significance. Nehmat, concerned for Harleen’s emotional well-being, recognizes that Ekam’s desires would shatter Harleen’s heart if she were to discover them. She resolves to find a way to make Ekam comprehend the error of his ways, hoping to guide him towards a more righteous path.

[Episode End]

Precap : Ekam sends a message to Nehmat, urging her to meet him at their cherished spot. However, Nehmat declines the invitation. In response, Ekam resorts to threatening her, stating that he will reveal the truth to Harleen and coerce her into signing the divorce papers.

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