Udaariyaan 18 June 2023 Written Story Update

Udaariyaan 18 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Nehmat earnestly praying to God, seeking assistance for Ekam. Meanwhile, Harleen and Ekam engage in the task of painting the wall. The melodious tune of “Tere Vaaste Falak Se” fills the background. Harleen playfully teases Ekam, fostering a growing closeness between them. As Ekam’s footing becomes unsteady, Harleen swiftly catches him, preventing a fall. Concerned, Ekam inquires about Harleen’s well-being, to which she lovingly assures him that nothing can harm her as long as he is by her side.

In an affectionate gesture, Harleen writes “Ekleen’s house” on the board, prompting Ekam to question its meaning. Patiently, Harleen explains that the amalgamation of their names, Ekam and Harleen, forms the term “Ekleen.” Excusing himself momentarily, Ekam finds himself pondering why Nehmat has taken Sartaj’s side, the one who deceived him and snatched away their home. He wonders if Nehmat’s actions are influenced by her concern for him.

Attempting to reach Nehmat, Ekam dials her number, yet she does not answer the call. Deep down, Nehmat hopes that Ekam comprehends Harleen’s significance as his soulmate and moves forward in life with her. As Ekam steps indoors, he hears Jasmine’s voice. Jasmine endeavors to persuade Harleen to come to her house, citing that Harleen is unaccustomed to such living conditions. Nevertheless, Harleen steadfastly declares her preference to stay where Ekam is, assuring Jasmine that she will adapt to the situation. Overhearing their conversation, Ekam becomes affected. Jasmine becomes disheartened and departs. Seizing the moment, Harleen requests Ekam to procure provisions for their home and playfully plants a kiss on his cheek, accompanied by a light-hearted joke.

Sartaj assures Nehmat that the lights will be back soon. In response, Nehmat expresses her craving for ice cream and suggests that Sartaj take her out for some. They both indulge in ice cream together. Meanwhile, Ekam purchases groceries for their home and informs Harleen about it over the phone. As he is about to leave, he notices Nehmat and Sartaj enjoying their ice cream. Nehmat mentions her dislike for strawberry flavor but notes that Ekam enjoys it. Sartaj playfully remarks that since Nehmat’s child is Ekam’s, he naturally likes Ekam’s favorite flavor. He believes that Ekam deserves to know about Nehmat’s pregnancy, but Nehmat firmly refuses to disclose it, mentioning that she has already started looking for a job to support her child alone. Sartaj and Nehmat leave the scene, leaving Ekam furious and confused about Nehmat’s support for Sartaj.

Ekam decides to call Nehmat to inquire why she is siding with Sartaj. He vows to regain both the property and Nehmat from Sartaj. Nehmat reminds him that she is not a possession to be claimed. Ekam is convinced that Nehmat is hiding something from him, which is why she is supporting Sartaj. He directly asks her what she is hiding, but Nehmat denies any secrets. Meanwhile, Harleen wonders why Ekam hasn’t arrived yet and decides to cook his favorite dish, pulao. However, she struggles with lighting the wood stove.

When Ekam finally arrives, he notices that Harleen has injured her hand while preparing the pulao for him. He apologizes to her for putting her through all this trouble. Harleen responds with joy, expressing her desire for a life with her husband and a baby. However, she sadly remembers that she cannot become a mother and sits in sorrow. Meanwhile, at the Sandhus’ house, the ladies are busy preparing gifts for their neighbors’ baby shower. They discuss the happiness that comes with having children at home. Renuka breaks down in tears, lamenting her inability to have children. Nimmo silently thinks to herself that Renuka’s heir is growing in Nehmat’s womb.

Ekam uplifts Harleen’s spirits and requests her to serve him the pulao. Nehmat excitedly tells Sartaj that she received a job offer as an online content writer. She is confident that she will secure the position and mentions that she can easily manage it from home. Ekam and Harleen enjoy their meal, while Ekam wonders about Nehmat’s next decision. Nehmat declares that she is prepared to fight against the world for her child. She realizes that she cannot continue leading a double life and decides to make a decision the following day.

[Episode End]

Precap : Nehmat and Ekam find themselves contemplating the do-or-die decision they must make in the coming day.

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