Udaariyaan 02 June 2023 Written Story Update

Udaariyaan 02 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Naaz’s astonishment as she witnesses Balveer being assaulted by a group of thugs. Sartaj, on the other hand, witnesses the scene without displaying any reaction. The goons menacingly demand that Balveer return the money owed to them since he is unable to secure the land. Naaz reproaches Sartaj for passively observing Balveer’s beating, while Sartaj mocks Naaz for not returning the diamond ring in order to relieve her husband of his debts.

In a desperate plea, Balveer implores Naaz to return the diamond ring in order to save him. However, Naaz declines, emphasizing that it was her first gift from Balveer after their wedding. She reassures him that she will acquire the land and, simultaneously, expresses her desire to seek revenge on Nehmat, Ekam, Sartaj, and Harleen for their insults. Meanwhile, an unidentified masked individual stealthily infiltrates Randhawa’s residence and kidnaps Nehmat, concealing her within a sack. Sartaj fails to notice the masked person abducting Nehmat. When Sartaj discovers Nehmat’s absence in the room, he immediately contacts her via phone and realizes that her phone is left behind along with shattered pieces of glass. In a frantic search, he calls out to Nehmat and embarks on a mission to find her.

Determined to assist Ekam with his school project, Harleen remains steadfast in her commitment. Naaz approaches Harleen to inform her about Nehmat’s situation, yet Harleen refuses to succumb to Naaz’s manipulations. Meanwhile, Sartaj continues his search for Nehmat within the house. He questions Renuka if she has seen Nehmat, to which Renuka denies any knowledge. She taunts him, sarcastically suggesting that Nehmat may have left him as well. Undeterred, Sartaj departs in search of Nehmat, shouting her name. The commotion draws the attention of other family members, who promptly arrive at the scene.

Sartaj informed the family that Nehmat was missing, causing concern among them. Naaz, wanting to know Nehmat’s whereabouts, urged Sartaj to call Ekam. However, Sartaj’s attempt to reach Ekam proved futile as his phone was switched off. Naaz started accusing Nehmat and Ekam, prompting Harleen to intervene and tell Naaz to be quiet. Determined to find Ekam, Harleen contacted Ekam’s subordinate officer but was shocked to discover that even he had no idea where Ekam was and his phone had been off for a long time.

Trying to diffuse the situation, Naaz manipulated Harleen, suggesting that Nehmat had pretended to have a relationship with Sartaj and that she and Ekam had eloped when discussions of Sartaj and Nehmat’s wedding began.

Meanwhile, Nehmat was startled to learn that Ekam had kidnapped her. Ekam asserted that now no one could come between them. Despite attempting to escape, Nehmat found herself trapped without an exit. She questioned Ekam about how he could resort to kidnapping. Ekam explained that he felt he had no other choice, as he had given her a two-day ultimatum to decide, yet she had agreed to marry Sartaj before the deadline expired. Nehmat argued that Ekam was wrong to only think about himself. In response, Ekam declared that he would live life on his terms and was willing to go to any lengths to achieve that.

Ekam realized that Nehmat had agreed to marry Sartaj with the hope of changing his decision. He emphasized that Nehmat was the only one who mattered to him and that he only wanted her. Meanwhile, the Sanhu family arrived at the Randhawa household upon learning about Nehmat and Ekam’s disappearance. Rupy inquired about Sartaj, and Cherry revealed that he had gone to search for Nehmat at the Gurudwara. Naaz continued to speak ill of Nehmat, accusing her of eloping with Ekam, who happened to be Harleen’s husband. Harleen’s patience reached its limit as she slapped Naaz and scolded her. Nehmat also faced Harleen’s scolding and received a warning not to utter nonsense about her husband. Rupy joined in the scolding, while Balveer defended Naaz and reprimanded Harleen, issuing a warning. The arrival of Jasmine further escalated the tension, as she berated Balveer for admonishing Harleen. The aunt chastised them all for fighting instead of being concerned about Nehmat, who was missing in such circumstances. Everyone looked at her with confusion. On the other side, Ekam expressed his profound obsession with Nehmat.

[Episode End]

Precap : Despite Nehmat’s request for Ekam to stop, he continues to move closer to her.

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