Udaariyaan 17 June 2023 Written Story Update

Udaariyaan 17 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Naaz pointing fingers at Nehmat and inciting the family against her. Meanwhile, Nehmat and Sartaj reminisce about a past incident. A flashback reveals Nehmat’s astonishment upon discovering some property documents, prompting Sartaj to swiftly take them from her hand. Puzzled, Nehmat inquires about the papers, to which Sartaj retorts that she could go ahead and tell everyone that he betrayed them by transferring all the property in his name. However, Nehmat refuses to believe that Sartaj, who selflessly assists strangers, would betray anyone. She resolves not to question Sartaj further and chooses to support him instead, much to his surprise. The flashback ends.

Ekam intervenes, urging everyone to cease blaming Nehmat and Sartaj, and ponders over their accommodation predicament. Just then, Jasmine arrives, confronting Sartaj for daring to evict them from their house. She demands that they join her in confronting Sartaj. The Sandhus offer Ekam and his family shelter in their house. Jasmine insists they go to her place, but Ekam declines. Jasmine implores Harleen to persuade Ekam, yet Harleen sides with Ekam, stating that he has arranged a house through a friend. Ekam and Sartaj head out to inspect the new house. Naaz resolves not to let Sartaj off the hook. Meanwhile, Sartaj asks Nehmat if she feels remorseful for Ekam and his family. Nehmat denies it, expressing her belief that Ekam will find a solution and ensure his family doesn’t suffer. She hopes that this challenging situation will bring Ekam and Harleen closer together.

Naaz gazes upon the dilapidated state of the house, her heart sinking. Frustrated, she engages in a heated argument with Balveer. Determined not to endure such conditions, she adamantly declares her departure. Ekam, sensing the distress and inconvenience this situation has caused Harleen, expresses his remorse and apologizes to her. He vows to bring justice to those who stripped them of their rightful home. Harleen, ever optimistic, reveals her long-cherished desire for both of them to embellish their own abode. Her dreams are on the verge of realization, and she sees Ekam as the beacon of light in her life. Assuring him of their joint efforts, she pledges to transform the house into a cozy sanctuary.

At the Sandhu residence, Renuka’s tear-streaked face reflects her desolation. Nehmat reaches out to Nimmo, her concern evident in her voice, seeking updates on Renuka. Nimmo, aware of Renuka’s sorrow over losing their home, shares the disheartening news. Nehmat empathizes with her mother’s anguish and expresses confidence in Ekam’s ability to take care of them. She believes that this hardship will bring Ekam and Harleen closer together. Nimmo, puzzled by Nehmat’s choice to support Sartaj, questions her motives. Nehmat assures Nimmo that she will reveal the truth when the time is right.

Meanwhile, Ekam is also plagued by the mystery of Nehmat’s allegiance to Sartaj, despite his betrayal. Harleen, equally perplexed, admits her lack of knowledge about the situation. Nevertheless, she reassures Ekam that the truth will eventually come to light. With unwavering loyalty, she promises to stand by his side and suggests they begin cleaning the house. In a lighthearted manner, she encourages Ekam to vent his frustrations by attacking the cobwebs.

Naaz attempts to persuade Balveer to accommodate her in a luxurious five-star hotel. Balveer questions her decision, wondering why she can’t stay with her own family, with whom she has previously resided. Angrily, Naaz storms away, leaving Balveer behind. Meanwhile, Harleen and Ekam diligently clean the room, their efforts accompanied by coughs induced by the dusty environment. Ekam rushes to fetch water for Harleen, urging her to sit down. Harleen playfully refuses, joking about the situation.

Nimmo engages in a conversation with Nehmat over the phone, comforting her with the news that their grandparents are taking good care of everyone. Nehmat acknowledges the situation and expresses her faith in Ekam’s ability to secure a new home for them. Nimmo bestows her blessings upon Nehmat and reminds her to take care of herself. Sartaj approaches Nehmat, teasing her for not being able to keep their secret and disclosing everything to Nimmo. He guides Nehmat to a seat and tenderly feeds her an apple. Unbeknownst to them, Naaz secretly observes their interaction, her anger burning within her as she swears to avenge herself. Sartaj and Nehmat engross themselves in conversation, oblivious to Naaz’s presence. Seizing the opportunity, Naaz cuts off the power supply to the house, relishing in her mischief before making her exit. Bewildered, Nehmat wonders why the lights suddenly went out. Sartaj instructs Nehmat to wait while he investigates the situation. As Nehmat stumbles, almost losing her balance, Sartaj catches her just in time, and their eyes meet, capturing a tender moment. Scolding Nehmat gently, Sartaj helps her regain her composure and advises her to remain seated until his return. Nehmat’s thoughts drift towards Ekam, hoping that he has found a new home for them. She earnestly prays for their well-being and yearns for Ekam to realize that Harleen is his soulmate, urging him to embrace a future together. Meanwhile, Harleen’s sudden fright causes her to scream, seeking solace in Ekam’s comforting embrace. In that moment, their connection grows stronger.

[Episode End]

Precap : Sartaj insists to Nehmat that it is crucial for Ekam to be informed about her pregnancy. However, Nehmat adamantly declines to disclose the news to Ekam. Unbeknownst to them, Ekam quietly observes Sartaj and Nehmat engaged in conversation.

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