Udaariyaan 27 May 2023 Written Story Update

Udaariyaan 27 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Satti and Rupy preparing themselves to depart for the Gurudwara, followed by their plan to visit Nehmat in the hospital. Jasmine questions the need for their visit, considering her fiancé is already there with her. Just as the conversation unfolds, Sartaj arrives at the scene. He approaches Rupy, expressing his desire to discuss something of great importance, and leads him away from the group. Meanwhile, Satti and the aunt proceed towards the Gurudwara. Jasmine ponders over Sartaj’s intentions in conversing with Rupy, and speculates whether Nehmat divulged everything to him.

Nehmat regains consciousness, only to find herself in Ekam’s residence, bewildered by the unfamiliar surroundings. Renuka and Naaz inquire of Sartaj why he brought Nehmat to their house prior to their wedding. Nehmat, too, expresses her desire to return to her own home. Sartaj asserts that Nehmat will stay in this house, assuring them that the wedding will take place soon. Naaz appeals to Balveer, urging him to intervene and prevent Sartaj’s decision, stating that it is not customary to cohabitate before the wedding in their culture. Sartaj reveals that he brought Nehmat here with Rupy’s consent, much to Nehmat’s and everyone else’s astonishment.

At the Sandhus’ residence, Nimmo finds herself taken aback by the news of Nehmat’s engagement to Sartaj. Their conversation revolves around Nehmat, with both of them commending her selflessness. Suddenly, Ekam enters the house and warmly greets the Sandhus and Nimmo. The Sandhus are surprised to learn of Ekam’s acquaintance with Nimmo. Ekam reveals that he had met Nimmo during his honeymoon with Harleen. Sensing that Ekam has numerous questions, Nimmo acknowledges the curiosity. Ekam expresses his intention to visit the Gurudwara and invites Nimmo to accompany him. Nimmo agrees, and together, Ekam and Nimmo bid farewell.

Meanwhile, Jasmine adamantly asserts that Nehmat cannot stay in the house, but Sartaj intervenes, preventing Nehmat’s expulsion. Sartaj reminds Jasmine that Nehmat had saved Harleen’s life. In response, Jasmine accuses Nehmat of staging a melodramatic act to gain entry into the house. Sartaj warns Jasmine to refrain from making such remarks, threatening to sever their relationship. Nehmat implores Sartaj to take her back home, while Jasmine continues to berate and criticize her. Sartaj gives Jasmine a stern look. Overwhelmed, Nehmat collapses. Sartaj and Harleen grow anxious for Nehmat’s well-being. Harleen rebukes Jasmine and demands that she leave. Naaz, on the other hand, revels in the unfolding drama and eagerly anticipates the aftermath of Ekam’s arrival.

Nehmat discarded the medicine and questioned Sartaj’s reason for bringing it there. Sartaj responded with a jest. Nehmat admonished Sartaj, urging him not to joke in every situation. She expressed that he should have sought her permission before taking her there. Sartaj explained that she had been unconscious and advised her to rest. However, Nehmat refused to stay in that house. Sartaj, in turn, asked Nehmat to leave. As Nehmat prepared to depart, she suddenly felt lightheaded and settled back onto the bed.

Meanwhile, Ekam and Nimmo found themselves in the Gurudwara. Ekam engaged in a conversation with Nimmo concerning Nehmat. Inadvertently, Nimmo disclosed that Nehmat had shown great courage by forsaking her own love for the sake of another’s well-being. Realizing her slip-up, Nimmo swiftly excused herself and left. Ekam’s mind filled with doubts as he pondered why Nehmat had left him for his own good and to protect him from someone. He couldn’t help but wonder who it was that Nehmat had wanted to shield him from.

Sartaj implores Nehmat to continue residing in that house as his fiancée. Nehmat reminds him that their engagement was a sham and she has no desire to maintain any relationship. Sartaj insists that he never breaks his promises to anyone. However, despite his plea, Nehmat prepares to depart. Just as she is about to leave, Ekam arrives and intervenes, preventing Nehmat from leaving. Nehmat remains determined to return to her own home, but Ekam is equally adamant about not letting her go. Aware of Nehmat’s pregnancy, Sartaj decides not to disclose this information to them at the moment. In a forceful tone befitting his profession as a doctor, Sartaj firmly asserts to Nehmat that she is unwell and requires rest, emphasizing that she cannot leave. He assures Ekam not to worry and bids him farewell. Left alone, Sartaj contemplates how he will eventually reveal Nehmat’s pregnancy to both Ekam and Nehmat.

[Episode End]

Precap : As Ekam gazes at the photographs, a myriad of thoughts race through his mind, pondering the mysterious cause behind Nehmat’s departure. Contemplating deeply, he claims to have unearthed the truth. Meanwhile, Nehmat finds herself perplexed upon receiving a message beckoning her to meet Ekam.

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