Udaariyaan 10 June 2023 Written Story Update

Udaariyaan 10 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Sartaj coming to the rescue of Ekam and Nehmat, fabricating a story that he had sent Nehmat along with Ekam for shopping due to some urgent work. Nehmat becomes perplexed by Sartaj’s lie and ponders over his intentions. Suddenly, Nehmat notices the presence of Harleen and Jasmine. Ekam also catches sight of them. Seizing the opportunity, Ekam taunts Jasmine and humiliates her. Sartaj urges Ekam to showcase the dresses he purchased for Harleen. Ekam complies with Sartaj’s request. Nehmat fabricates a lie, stating that Ekam brought her along to shop for Harleen. Harleen gleefully examines the dresses. Jasmine asserts that she isn’t foolish enough to be oblivious to their ulterior motives. In an indirect manner, Ekam threatens Jasmine, hinting that he might expose her misdeeds. Harleen expresses gratitude to Ekam for the dresses and proceeds to try them on. Sartaj taunts Jasmine, urging her to control her blood pressure, and suggests that she return to Canada, allowing everyone to live in peace. Sartaj informs Ekam that he will be leaving with Nehmat and urges him to join them once he finishes shopping with Harleen. Nehmat clings onto Sartaj’s hand and departs alongside him.

Later, Naaz approaches Jasmine and divulges that Nehmat and Ekam have been secretly meeting. Harleen wonders why Sartaj went out of his way to protect Nehmat and Ekam. Naaz reveals that Sartaj and Nehmat’s relationship is a sham and recounts what she overheard. Jasmine ponders over Sartaj’s true intentions and why Nehmat and Sartaj haven’t eloped yet. Naaz confesses that she shares the same curiosity, which is why she has been spying on them.

Sartaj and Nehmat were on their way when Nehmat suddenly asked Sartaj to stop the car. She questioned why he was pretending not to know anything when he actually knew everything. Sartaj explained that he handled the situation to avoid any confusion. Nehmat contemplated telling Sartaj the truth but changed her mind when she remembered Ekam’s threat. Meanwhile, Ekam was worried about whether Sartaj would discover the truth.

In the midst of their journey, Sartaj playfully teased Nehmat, asking if she wanted to confess her love for him and if she truly wanted to marry him based on his personality alone. Nehmat questioned Sartaj if he didn’t doubt her after seeing her with Ekam. Sartaj reassured her, stating that he knew Nehmat well and pointed out that Ekam was now married. Nehmat expressed her gratitude towards Sartaj for supporting her despite knowing her for only a short time. Sartaj confessed that he had intended to prove that love was fake, but Nehmat had made him believe in it again. He remarked that Nehmat’s smile had a profound effect on him. Nehmat praised Sartaj for his kindness, and she went to the Gurudwara.

At the Gurudwara, Nehmat found solace in cooking and reflected on Ekam’s hurtful behavior, causing her to cry. Nimmo noticed Nehmat’s distress and asked if she was alright. Nehmat blamed herself for the sadness experienced by her loved ones and wished that she could have died. Nimmo encouraged her not to give up and reminded her to have faith in God, who would guide her on the right path. Nimmo left Nehmat alone, and she silently questioned the purpose of her life, praying to God for guidance.

In another scene, Ekam entered his room and was surprised by the decorations. Harleen closed the door and adorned Ekam with a garland, warmly welcoming him. She acknowledged that Ekam must be tired after chasing the criminal and emphasized her role as a caring wife in taking care of her weary husband. Ekam expressed his disbelief in deserving someone as good as Harleen and mentioned that his actions towards her were forced. Unfazed by his words, Harleen encouraged Ekam to relax and lie down on the table. She danced around him, playfully removing his coat and massaging his shoulders. Ekam felt guilty for his wrongdoings towards Harleen.

[Episode End]

Precap : Sartaj discloses to Nehmat the unexpected news that she is pregnant. Nehmat is taken aback upon realizing that she is carrying Ekam’s baby.

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