Udaariyaan 23 June 2023 Written Story Update

Udaariyaan 23 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Harleen making a firm vow to herself that she will not allow Nehmat to hinder her and Ekam’s journey any longer. Curiosity fills Harleen’s mind as she ponders where Sartaj and Nehmat might be heading, even though Nimmo instructed them to go home. Responding to Harleen’s query, Ekam confesses his unawareness of their destination and suggests they go back home. On the other hand, Sartaj reflects that their paths have finally diverged, while Nehmat asserts that they will never cross paths again.

Harleen and Ekam arrive at their house, soon followed by the rest of the family. Their astonishment grows as they observe the elaborate decorations, prompting them to wonder about the whereabouts of Nehmat and Sartaj. Nimmo reveals that they have departed, and Rupy adds that they left Moga altogether. Perplexed, Ekam inquires about the purpose of the decorations. Nimmo hands Ekam a file and asserts that all his questions will be answered within. Curiosity piqued, Ekam opens the file and begins reading Sartaj’s letter, which discloses that Sartaj has returned all the property to Ekam. Furthermore, the letter unveils Balveer’s illicit intentions to transfer the property into his own name.

Ekam delivers a shocking revelation to the family, disclosing that Sartaj had transferred the property to his name. The news leaves everyone in disbelief. Renuka deeply regrets scolding Sartaj, realizing the gravity of her actions. Jasmine suspects that this might be a part of Nehmat and Sartaj’s new plan and expresses her belief that they will eventually return. However, Ekam reads a letter stating that Nehmat and Sartaj have no intention of coming back. Swaroop and Nimmo come to Nehmat and Sartaj’s defense, defending their character and actions. Ekam, now understanding Nehmat better, expresses regret for not comprehending her sooner. Harleen, on the other hand, believes that Nehmat could never be right for her and questions why she never voiced her concerns to Nehmat directly, instead of confiding in Ekam.

Meanwhile, Nehmat and Sartaj find themselves in a Gurudwara. Sartaj supports Nehmat when she feels lightheaded, and she expresses her gratitude towards him. Nehmat acknowledges that she has to move forward in life with her child after leaving her family. Sartaj confesses that Nehmat has changed his perspective on life, reflecting on Nimmo’s wise words. He expresses his desire to start afresh with Nehmat and create a new life together. Back at home, Rupy defends Nehmat and Sartaj, but Harleen strongly disagrees. She refuses to trust Nehmat again after what she had done to her, urging Rupy not to mention her name again in the household. Rupy is taken aback and wonders what might have transpired between the sisters. Satti suggests that Ekam acts as the bridge connecting Harleen and Nehmat, emphasizing that a wife cannot tolerate a third person interfering in her relationship with her husband, which led to Nehmat’s departure.

As Nehmat falls asleep in the car, Sartaj recognizes her past suffering and believes she deserves happiness now. He promises to fill her future with joy and contentment. Meanwhile, Ekam and Harleen perform a puja together, signifying unity. Nimmo prays for Nehmat’s efforts to reconcile Harleen and Ekam to bear fruit, while Jasmine prays solely for Harleen’s happiness. Ekam silently vows to fulfill his promise to Nehmat and keep Harleen happy, but Harleen contemplates that if Ekam fails to uphold his commitments, she will shatter everything they had. Satti remarks that Nehmat left after bringing happiness to everyone’s lives. Rupy reminisces about a past conversation with Nehmat, where Nehmat advises her to let go of the past in order to move forward. Nehmat entrusts Rupy with the responsibility of caring for Harleen and Naaz. Rupy compares Nehmat’s sacrifice for Harleen and Ekam’s happiness to Teko’s departure with Angad for Jasmine and Tejo’s sake. Satti hopes that Nehmat finds happiness with Sartaj. Renuka, intending to bless Harleen for always supporting Ekam, refrains when she remembers her own inability to become a mother, leaving Harleen saddened. Satti gifts Harleen a necklace as she embarks on restarting her life.

In a conversation with Balveer, Ekam asserts that he won’t question his past misdeeds and urges him to cease his questionable actions. Naaz, angered by Balveer’s behavior, storms off, and Jasmine follows after her. Jasmine stops Naaz and implores her to persuade Harleen to leave Ekam, suggesting that they all go to Canada together. However, Naaz angrily refuses, vowing not to spare Ekam and Harleen. Harleen admonishes Jasmine for interfering in her personal matters and insists that she can handle Nehmat and Naaz on her own.

[Episode End]

Precap : Harleen issues a warning to Naaz when she attempts to ridicule her. Ekam decides to have the tattoo bearing Nehmat’s name removed.

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