Udaariyaan 11 June 2023 Written Story Update

Udaariyaan 11 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Naaz reprimanding the maid for neglecting to prepare lunch. In response, the maid explains that she is currently making tea for Renuka. At that moment, Renuka enters the scene and dismisses the maid, taking charge. A heated argument ensues between Naaz and Renuka. Frustrated, Naaz hurls the tea aside and delivers a stern warning. Nehmat steps in, intervening and scolding Naaz for disrespecting Renuka. In turn, Naaz accuses Nehmat of attempting to deceive Harleen by secretly pursuing Ekam and now seeking favor with Renuka. Without uttering a word, Nehmat quietly withdraws from the situation. Naaz recalls having concealed a package in Ekam’s room with Balveer, contemplating how to teach a lesson to both Ekam and Nehmat.

Meanwhile, Renuka finds herself in tears, gazing at a photograph of Ekam’s father. Harleen arrives and presents Renuka with her favorite tea, thoughtfully prepared by Nehmat. Unbeknownst to them, Nehmat observes from a hidden spot. The sight of Nehmat triggers Renuka’s memory of her refusal to marry Ekam, causing her to hesitate in accepting the tea. However, Harleen convinces Renuka to drink it, emphasizing her genuine intentions. Harleen expresses her desire to apply balm on Renuka’s forehead, but Renuka stops her, urging her to go and take care of Ekam instead. Unbeknownst to Harleen, Renuka has a surprise planned for Ekam. Harleen departs, and Renuka confesses that she cannot forgive Harleen, as Ekam’s inability to become a father is due to her actions.

Ekam steps into the room, only to be taken aback by the spa-like decorations that adorn the space. He finds himself surprised by the sight. Harleen, with the intention of offering him a body massage, catches Ekam off guard. In his own way, Ekam indirectly expresses his regret for involving Harleen in his life, as he believes she deserves someone better than him. Harleen playfully dances around Ekam, coaxing him to join her in the dance. She urges him to relax his body, assuring him that she can provide a soothing massage. However, Ekam’s fear of hurting Harleen lingers in his mind.

Meanwhile, Harleen holds hope that one day Ekam will accept her as his wife and grant her the rights and privileges of a wife. With tenderness, she proceeds to give Ekam a head massage, gently guiding his head onto her hand until he peacefully falls asleep. The soft strains of “Moh Moh ke Dhaage” play in the background, adding to the ambiance. Harleen gazes fondly at Ekam, asleep and vulnerable, believing that one day his love will also be hers.

Later, Ekam awakens and realizes that he had fallen asleep with his head resting in Harleen’s hand. Concern for Harleen washes over him, and he implores her not to concern herself with him. Reminding him of their marital bond, Harleen insists that as his wife, she has the right to care for him. Overwhelmed by guilt, Ekam withdraws and walks away. Seeking solace, he confides in Nehmat, recounting how Harleen had taken care of him. Nehmat, filled with joy, receives the news with delight. Just then, Harleen arrives, inquiring about Ekam’s well-being after the massage. Ekam silently nods in confirmation. Harleen departs as Renuka calls out for her.

Seeking comfort and reassurance, Ekam grasps Nehmat’s hand, asserting that only Nehmat has rights over him, and Harleen does not. Nehmat gently reminds him that Harleen is his wife, firmly reinforcing their relationship. Harleen returns, offering Ekam a paratha, and then leaves once again at the sound of Renuka’s voice. Ekam, now agitated, questions Nehmat about her lack of jealousy when Harleen fed him. He insists that his relationship with Harleen is a charade, and he intends to disclose the truth to her. Despite Nehmat’s attempts to dissuade him, Ekam drags her along to confront Harleen. Renuka witnesses Ekam holding Nehmat’s hand and demands an explanation. Ekam, refusing to answer, abruptly walks away. Naaz contacts Balveer to set their plan in motion.

Nehmat retreats to her room, shutting the door and drawing the curtains. Sartaj knocks on the door, but Nehmat, believing it to be Ekam, refuses to open it. Concerned, Sartaj enters and supports Nehmat as she nearly faints. Sensing her discomfort, Sartaj guides Nehmat to the washroom. Once they return to the room, Sartaj scolds Nehmat for neglecting her health. In a moment of revelation, he reveals that Nehmat is pregnant, leaving her stunned. Overwhelmed by the news, Nehmat queries Sartaj, seeking confirmation. It dawns on Sartaj that Nehmat had no knowledge of her pregnancy, and she sits in shock, processing the revelation.

[Episode End]

Precap : Nehmat expresses to Sartaj her belief that it’s important to keep Ekam unaware of her pregnancy. Both Sartaj and Nehmat are taken aback when they unexpectedly encounter Ekam.

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