Udaariyaan 25 June 2023 Written Story Update

Udaariyaan 25 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Ekam adorning Harleen with the mangalsutra. As he tenderly wipes away her tears, he plants a gentle kiss on her forehead. Expressing his gratitude, Ekam thanks Harleen for allowing him to wear the mangalsutra. Meanwhile, Sartaj approaches Nehmat and poses a heartfelt question, asking if he can bestow his name upon her child and become her life partner. Sartaj reveals that Nehmat has rekindled his emotions. In the midst of this, Harleen confides in Ekam about the difficulty she faces in trusting him after his act of betrayal. Ekam openly acknowledges his transgressions, admitting to breaking her trust and shattering her heart. He earnestly promises Harleen that he will not repeat his mistakes and pledges to invest all his efforts into nurturing their relationship. In another part of the story, Sartaj advises Nehmat to take her time before answering his proposal, assuring her that he will patiently await her response. Consumed by her thoughts, Harleen contemplates the possibility of becoming even more malevolent than Jasmine when it comes to protecting her love for Ekam. Meanwhile, Ekam yearns to mend every one of Harleen’s wounds.

Naaz approaches Harleen with a collection of old photographs featuring Ekam and Nehmat, deliberately provoking her by showcasing these images. Naaz falsely insinuates that Nehmat departed from their lives to enable Ekam to forget her. She expresses regret for doubting the bond between Nehmat and Harleen’s sister. Enraged by these remarks, Harleen tears the pictures apart and sets fire to the photographs of Nehmat, tightly clutching Naaz’s hand. She sternly warns Naaz against further attempts to incite her, threatening to expel her from the house. Harleen storms off in anger, leaving Naaz seething with fury.

Ekam prepared himself to head to the police station, but just as he was about to leave, Harleen arrived. Hoping to spend some time together, Ekam asked Harleen if they could go out for dinner. However, Harleen hesitated, recalling Naaz’s earlier words, and replied that they should go another day. As Harleen began folding clothes and organizing them in the cupboard, Ekam offered his assistance. Despite her initial refusal, he insisted on helping. Unfortunately, in his attempt to lend a hand, Ekam ended up injuring himself. Concerned, Harleen rushed to his side, tending to his wound. It was during this moment that she noticed the tattoo of Nehmat’s name on Ekam’s body, which filled her with sadness, causing her to walk away.

Later on, Ekam made the decision to remove Nehmat’s name tattoo and instead replaced it with Harleen’s name. This surprising action caught Naaz off guard. Naaz congratulated Renuka on becoming a grandmother, leaving Harleen, Ekam, and Renuka puzzled. Harleen scolded Naaz for making such a joke, reminding her that she couldn’t become a mother. Naaz revealed the surprising news that Cherry, another member of the Randhava family, was pregnant. This announcement brought elation to Naaz and Balveer, but left Harleen feeling deeply saddened.

Renuka congratulated Cherry, and despite her sadness, Harleen managed to offer her congratulations as well, embracing her tightly while tears streamed down her face. Ekam suggested that they should celebrate this news, and Naaz agreed, taking the opportunity to taunt Ekam and Harleen about their inability to have children. Renuka couldn’t help but cry, and Naaz questioned her lack of happiness. Renuka explained that she was indeed happy for Cherry but wished that Ekam could also experience the joy of becoming a father.

Naaz then turned her attention to Harleen, questioning whether she was pleased about Cherry’s pregnancy. Ekam came to Harleen’s defense, reprimanding Naaz for hurting Harleen with her words. Renuka continued to cry, expressing her sorrow that Harleen couldn’t give them a grandchild. Overwhelmed by the situation, Harleen shed tears in response. Ekam silently signaled to Harleen that he would handle the matter. He reassured Renuka that she would indeed become a grandmother.

Meanwhile, Nehmat paid a visit to a gynecologist for a sonography test. During the examination, Nehmat became emotional upon hearing her child’s heartbeat. She couldn’t help but feel a pang of sadness that Ekam wasn’t there to experience this moment, as he remained unaware of the existence of their child. Nehmat and Sartaj grew concerned when the doctor suggested they consult a senior doctor.

[Episode End]

Precap : When Harleen catches sight of Nehmat, she immediately assumes that Nehmat has followed Ekam to this place. Harleen becomes resolute in her determination to prevent Nehmat from meeting Ekam. However, before she can take any action, Nehmat begins to vomit. Sartaj notices Nehmat’s condition and calls out her name, rushing to her aid. Meanwhile, Ekam notices the commotion and starts walking towards them. Harleen glares at them with anger in her eyes.

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