Udaariyaan 05 June 2023 Episode Written Update

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The episode commences with Ekam’s alter ego materializing before him, taunting him for bringing Nehmat home after kidnapping her. Ekam vehemently asserts that he cannot bear to see Nehmat in pain and regrets the extreme measures he took to retrieve her. His alter ego emphasizes to Ekam that love surpasses everything in the world, and one can do anything for love. Furthermore, the alter ego reminds Ekam that the deadline he set for Nehmat’s decision is drawing near. He asserts that Ekam cannot live without Nehmat and presents him with an ultimatum: choose between Nehmat or death. In a mocking tone, the alter ego adds that if Ekam fails to win Nehmat back, he will be compelled to dance at Nehmat and Sartaj’s wedding.

Meanwhile, Nehmat and Nimmo find solace in prayer at the Gurudwara. As Nehmat feels lightheaded, Nimmo assists her by offering a seat. Nimmo expresses her discontent with God, feeling that Nehmat is being put through a challenging test. She encourages Nehmat to confide in her about her problems. Nehmat reveals that she frequently experiences dizziness lately. Nimmo suggests that Nehmat’s stress is taking a toll on her body. Nehmat confesses her desire to retreat to a corner and weep. Nimmo reassures Nehmat, granting her permission to cry. Observing Nimmo console Nehmat, Sartaj feels grateful that Nehmat has someone like Nimmo by her side. Nimmo presents Tejo’s anklet to Nehmat, evoking emotional memories of Tejo. Overwhelmed, Nehmat expresses her gratitude towards Nimmo. Nimmo urges Nehmat to wear the anklet, symbolizing that her mother is always with her. Nehmat experiences a sudden stomachache, attributing it to her empty stomach since she hasn’t eaten anything since morning. Nimmo departs to fetch prasaad for Nehmat.

Alone with Tejo’s anklets, Nehmat engages in a heartfelt conversation and sheds tears. She discloses her immense trouble and her uncertainty about confiding in anyone. Nehmat believes that she can overcome the challenges as long as she has Tejo’s support. Sartaj discreetly witnesses this emotional moment. Contemplating Nehmat’s actions, Sartaj realizes that Nehmat is hesitant to disclose her pregnancy to Ekam and wonders if she is even aware of it herself. He appeals to God for guidance on whether he should reveal Nehmat’s pregnancy to her, seeking a solution to this dilemma.

Nehmat attempts to put on Tejo’s anklets, but she suddenly feels lightheaded and starts losing her balance. Just as she’s about to fall, Sartaj comes to her aid, steadying her. Concerned, he offers her some water and seeks Nehmat’s permission before helping her wear the anklet. Meanwhile, Ekam witnesses this gesture and clenches his fist, recalling his alter ego’s words. Nehmat and Sartaj become aware of Ekam’s presence and they exchange glances. Ekam explains that he has come to check on Nehmat’s well-being, assuring them that she’s alright, and then he departs. Sartaj, curious about the situation, inquires Nehmat about what transpired the previous night and offers his assistance if needed. He emphasizes that he doesn’t want to interfere in her life but urges her to prioritize her health and take her medication on time.

Shortly after, Nehmat receives a call from Ekam, but she deliberately disconnects it. When Sartaj questions the call, Nehmat fibs, dismissing it as a spam call. Sartaj suggests that Nehmat should undergo a comprehensive health check-up, but she declines. Concerned for her well-being, Sartaj proposes having Nimmo come and stay with her as she requires someone to be by her side in her current condition. Realizing his slip of the tongue, Sartaj hastily explains that he was referring to Nehmat’s fragile health. Just as Nehmat is about to respond, she receives another call from Ekam, which she promptly ends. Ekam then messages her, urging her to meet him at their favorite spot. Nehmat refuses, but Ekam resorts to threatening to take Harleen out for dinner and reveal the truth to her. Anxious and distressed, Nehmat quickly makes up an excuse and leaves, leaving Sartaj bewildered.

Nehmat spots Harleen getting ready to go out for dinner with Ekam, fueling her determination to confront Ekam and put an end to the situation. Unbeknownst to her, Sartaj observes Nehmat leaving in an autorickshaw. Nehmat arrives at the designated meeting place where she used to rendezvous with Ekam. She confronts Ekam, asking him what he wants. Ekam responds by requesting just five minutes of her time. Taking her upstairs and switching on the lights, he surprises Nehmat by offering a heartfelt apology, holding his ears in remorse.

Ekam acknowledges the pain he caused Nehmat and expresses that witnessing her suffering also causes him pain. He explains that Nehmat failed to notice his anguish, as he too experiences agony seeing her in pain. Ekam implores Nehmat to sit and talk with him for just five minutes. Nehmat reluctantly agrees. As they engage in conversation, Ekam reminisces about their past, mentioning the special tea and noodles they used to share. He questions whether he is destined to be unfortunate, without Nehmat in his life. Overwhelmed by thoughts of Harleen, Nehmat’s emotions intensify, causing her to hurl the tea glass away, shattering it into pieces.

[Episode End]

Precap : Ekam presents the divorce papers to Harleen, and the sight of them triggers a profound reaction. Overwhelmed by emotions, Harleen’s distress finds expression in a shattered vase and self-inflicted harm, leaving Nehmat and Ekam utterly shocked and alarmed.

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