Udaariyaan 30 June 2023 Written Story Update

Udaariyaan 30 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With a four-year leap in the storyline. Harleen can be seen chasing after a young girl, calling out her name, Aaliya. Ekam appears and finds Harleen, playfully pulling her closer by wrapping a towel around her waist. He inquires about his uniform and realizes that Aaliya is behind the mischief. Together, they set out to locate Aaliya.

Aaliya emerges from her hiding spot, donning Ekam’s uniform and clutching a toy gun. With a mischievous grin, she instructs Ekam and Harleen to raise their hands. Even Renuka, who was sleeping on the sofa, awakens and follows suit.

Aaliya declares that Ekam shouldn’t go to work that day, as it happens to be their wedding anniversary. Harleen supports Aaliya’s request and urges Ekam to stay at home. Witnessing Ekam and Harleen’s happiness, Renuka becomes emotional and offers a prayer for their enduring bliss. Suddenly, a young boy arrives, holding a balloon. Aaliya affectionately calls him Tiger. Ekam reminds Aaliya to have breakfast and prepare for summer camp. Excitedly, Aaliya leaves with Tiger.

Harleen, however, opposes the idea of sending Aaliya to summer camp, expressing her fears. Puzzled, Ekam asks her what she’s scared of. Harleen hesitates, convinced that Ekam wouldn’t understand her apprehensions.

Meanwhile, Nehmat comes to the rescue of a girl about to fall, saving her from an accident. Grateful, the girl expresses her gratitude, prompting Nehmat to request a kiss on her cheek. The girl obliges, and Nehmat encourages her to prepare for a race. Sensing the children’s sadness, Nehmat kisses each of them, instantly brightening their spirits. They enthusiastically begin their race, with Sartaj providing words of encouragement.

Following the race, Sartaj treats the children to ice cream. The victorious girl proudly claims that Nehmat’s kiss helped her win. She playfully insists that Sartaj should also receive a kiss from Nehmat.

Ruhi showered Sartaj with compliments, expressing her wonder at how Nehmat could possibly stay away from such a charming person. Playfully, she urged Nehmat to play matchmaker and find a connection between herself and Sartaj, suggesting an alternative to marrying him. In a delightful turn of events, a girl handed Nehmat a balloon, which she promptly passed on to Sartaj. Amused, Sartaj revealed lipstick marks on the balloon to Nehmat, and they both shared a lighthearted laugh.

Meanwhile, Aaliya took charge of decorating the house, enlisting the help of Rupy, Satti, and Renuka. As they diligently adorned the surroundings, Renuka and Satti pampered Aaliya, appreciating her presence and remarking on how her arrival had brought joy to the household. Satti fondly mentioned how she used to yearn for a grandchild, and now Aaliya’s presence had illuminated their lives.

Expressing her gratitude, Ruhi thanked Sartaj and playfully flirted with him. Nehmat, on the other hand, acknowledged the growing number of admirers she had acquired, which prompted Sartaj to tease her about feeling jealous. Nehmat asserted that she deserved love just like anyone else, to which Sartaj playfully responded, urging her to accept his love before he became too old. In a light-hearted manner, Nehmat burst into laughter, momentarily forgetting her sorrows. However, the laughter eventually subsided, and she lamented the loss of everything she held dear—her love and the symbol of that love.

Shortly after, Ekam and Harleen arrived, and the entire family joyously exclaimed their well-wishes for their wedding anniversary. Ekam and Harleen celebrated by cutting the cake and feeding each other sweet bites. Ekam requested music to further enhance the celebratory atmosphere. Aaliya took charge and played upbeat tunes, captivating everyone’s spirits as they danced together, including Harleen, Ekam, and the rest of the family.

Meanwhile, Sartaj, acting as a source of motivation, encouraged Nehmat not to lose hope. He expressed his gratitude for having met Nehmat, someone who had never allowed him to lose faith in life. Sartaj revealed that he, too, held onto hope and the possibility of a future together with Nehmat.

[Episode End]

Precap : Ekam and Harleen accompanied Aaliya to the summer camp, where they noticed Nehmat sitting on a bench, sobbing inconsolably. Showing empathy, Ekam approached Nehmat and kindly extended a handkerchief to offer some solace.

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