Udaariyaan 09 June 2023 Written Story Update

Udaariyaan 09 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Sartaj announcing Harleen as the victor, thus granting her the privilege to choose a dare for the couples to undertake. Harleen proposes a game of paper dance for both couples. Meanwhile, Naaz and Balveer conspire to involve the police, gleefully anticipating the consequences for Ekam.

In the midst of the paper dance, Ekam finds himself fixated on Nehmat while dancing with Harleen. As the dance nears its conclusion, Ekam and Sartaj lift Harleen and Nehmat in their arms, reveling in the joyous moment. Sartaj receives an incoming call and steps away to answer it, leaving Ekam to instruct Harleen to fetch sweets for him.

During this interlude, Ekam asserts that Nehmat feels uncomfortable with Sartaj, a claim that Nehmat vehemently denies. He points out their dance as evidence that there is nothing between Sartaj and Nehmat. Nehmat questions why Ekam is so concerned about it, to which Ekam pulls her close and admits his inability to bear the thought of Nehmat with someone else. Nehmat implores Ekam to fulfill his responsibilities while she fulfills hers. However, Ekam refuses and coercively compels Nehmat to accompany him on an outing the following day by leveraging Harleen as a means of pressure. Just then, Harleen presents the cake she made for Ekam, and they proceed to cut it together, exchanging bites in a tender moment.

The following morning, Nehmat finds herself in the company of the Sandhus, contemplating how to avoid encountering Ekam throughout the day. Despite her concerns, she brings the food she had prepared for the Sandhus. However, to her surprise, she does not receive any calls from Ekam, which only serves to further anger him. Meanwhile, the Sandhus are taken aback when Nehmat declines her favorite dish, explaining that the smell of ghee triggers her nausea. Swaroop, noticing this change, inquires whether Nehmat has sought medical advice from a female doctor. In response, Nehmat questions the necessity of consulting a lady doctor when her husband, Sartaj, is a doctor himself. Nonetheless, Swaroop manages to persuade Nehmat to consider seeing a female doctor.

At that moment, Nimmo notices Ekam calling Nehmat and hands her the phone. Ekam expresses his anger at Nehmat for ignoring his calls and even sends her a threatening message. Alarmed by the message, Nehmat promptly heads home. To her shock, she discovers that Ekam has gathered Harleen’s belongings, intending to discard them as Nehmat had broken her promise. Naaz attempts to eavesdrop on Nehmat and Ekam’s conversation but fails to gather any information. Nehmat demands to know where Harleen is, to which Ekam responds that she has gone to her mother’s house. Nehmat argues that Ekam cannot do this, as he had made a promise to her. In return, Ekam reminds Nehmat that she also made promises and, by involving Sartaj and Harleen in their surprise, she jeopardized Harleen’s place in his life unless Nehmat remains a part of it.

Meanwhile, Naaz continues to receive calls from Balveer, suspecting that their intentions are to frame Ekam. She answers the call and confidently declares her awareness of their scheme. Nehmat tries to reason with Ekam, who proposes that she accompany him somewhere. Reluctantly, Nehmat agrees, but she insists that Ekam return all of Harleen’s belongings to their room before Harleen’s return. Ekam instructs the personnel from the pest control agency to restore the items to their rightful place. He emphasizes that it is now up to Nehmat to determine whether Harleen will come back home or not. Naaz begins to harbor doubts about Nehmat and Ekam, questioning the nature of their relationship and its potential illegality.

Swaroop encounters Sartaj and implores him to inform Ekam about Nehmat’s pregnancy. However, Sartaj declines, considering Nehmat’s possible reluctance. Secretly, he contemplates the existence of something between Ekam and Nehmat, and ponders whether he should discuss it with Nehmat. Accompanied by Ekam, Nehmat accompanies him to the clothing store where he had previously purchased a dress for her, leading to it ending up in Harleen’s possession. Nehmat clarifies that the dress wasn’t intended for her. Despite Nehmat’s attempts to reason with Ekam, her efforts prove futile. Ekam requests that Nehmat refrain from mentioning Harleen, to which she agrees. However, Nehmat stipulates that Ekam must purchase a dress for Harleen if he wants her to accept his own dress. Ekam consents, prompting Nehmat to privately strategize about gradually helping Ekam realize his mistake.

Meanwhile, Naaz also happens to be present in the same clothing store, donning Western attire. She initiates a video call with Jasmine, revealing Ekam and Nehmat on the screen. Jasmine is taken aback by the sight of Ekam with Nehmat. Naaz inquires about Harleen’s whereabouts, prompting Jasmine to decide to bring Harleen to the store and expose the truth about Nehmat and Ekam in real time since Harleen would be skeptical if told directly. Inside the store, Nehmat selects dresses for Harleen, while Ekam insists that it’s now Nehmat’s turn. He playfully places a dupatta on Nehmat’s head for her to try. Just as this unfolds, Harleen and Jasmine arrive at the store, leaving Harleen shocked by the sight of Nehmat and Ekam together.

In the midst of the commotion, Ekam excuses himself to retrieve the dress for Nehmat. Nehmat attempts to dissuade him, reminding him that they are in a public place where anyone could see them. Seizing the opportunity, Jasmine stirs up animosity within Harleen towards Nehmat and Ekam, causing Harleen to approach them. At that very moment, Sartaj unexpectedly appears, leaving Ekam and Nehmat astonished by his presence.

[Episode End]

Precap : Jasmine claims to have a clear understanding of the situation unfolding between Ekam and Nehmat. In a conversation with Sartaj, Nehmat expresses her desire to confide something important to him.

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