Udaariyaan 22 June 2023 Written Story Update

Udaariyaan 22 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Rupy passionately defending Nehmat and Sartaj in front of Renuka, urging her to listen to their side of the story before jumping to conclusions. Sartaj expresses his gratitude to Rupy for trusting him and acknowledges that Renuka has every right to be upset with him. Harleen intervenes, requesting Jasmine to leave the conversation since it concerns only her and her husband. Jasmine scolds Harleen, criticizing her for still considering Ekam as her husband despite witnessing Nehmat and Ekam’s picture together. She proposes that Harleen accompanies her to Canada, but Harleen firmly declines and insists that Jasmine leave. Before departing, Jasmine warns Harleen about Ekam, predicting that Harleen will eventually turn to her after enduring significant pain from Ekam. She also issues a threat to Ekam.

Meanwhile, Nehmat seeks permission from her grandparents to leave, surprising them greatly. With folded hands, she implores them to grant her permission as her departure time has arrived. Swaroop expresses confusion about Nehmat’s destination given her current condition, leaving everyone puzzled. On the other hand, Ekam pleads with Harleen for another chance, assuring her that he will not give her any reason to complain. He sincerely apologizes to her, and Harleen reluctantly agrees. However, she asserts that she wants to see how long Ekam can refrain from deceiving her and warns him against hurting her again. Ekam agrees and promises Harleen that he will let go of Nehmat and never revisit his past. He seeks Harleen’s forgiveness earnestly.

Here, Swaroop expresses that Sartaj and Nehmat are not yet married. Satti requests Nehmat to leave after their marriage, but Nehmat refuses. Nehmat explains that she has found a new job and asks them to allow her to leave, mentioning that Sartaj will take care of her. Sartaj assures the family that he will look after Nehmat well. The family members hug Nehmat and cry. Satti presents Nehmat with a locket of God and embraces her while shedding tears. Sartaj comforts Rupy, who is also crying.

Naaz taunts the Sandhus for not showing concern for them. Balveer questions Sartaj about why he expelled them from the house. Sartaj requests a private conversation with Balveer. Naaz insists on joining them, but Sartaj declines and taunts her. Sartaj and Balveer leave, with Naaz following them. In her mind, Nehmat expresses gratitude to Sartaj for his assistance. Meanwhile, Harleen suggests to Ekam that they should return home if suspicions arise. Ekam and Harleen go back home and participate in the puja. Harleen wonders why nobody has arrived yet. At that moment, Nimmo arrives and urgently advises them to go to their own house. Ekam refuses to go to the place where Sartaj is. Nimmo explains that they will find all the answers they seek only by going there.

Naaz overhears Sartaj and Balveer conversing. Sartaj warns Balveer not to mistreat Ekam in his absence and gives him a credit card for emergencies. Sartaj hugs Balveer, acknowledging that they might not have another chance to meet. Balveer appears surprised and perplexed. Nehmat exits the house, followed by her family. Sartaj tries to touch Renuka’s feet to seek her blessings, but she steps back. Sartaj acknowledges that everyone has numerous questions in their minds and assures them that they will find answers by going to their house. Naaz inquires about these answers, and Nehmat responds that they must visit their house to uncover the truth. Nehmat embraces her family and weeps. Sartaj takes Nehmat’s hand and leads her towards the car. They drive away.

Sartaj and Nehmat are in the car, while Harleen and Ekam approach from the opposite direction. Ekam wonders what Sartaj is up to, and Harleen ponders what Nehmat plans to do this time, resolving not to remain silent any longer. Harleen and Nehmat lock eyes. Harleen glances at Ekam, who is looking away. Harleen silently vows not to let Nehmat interfere in her relationship with Ekam anymore. Nehmat wishes that Harleen finds happiness and Ekam’s love in the future. She believes that her relationship with Ekam has ended but leaves, carrying a symbol of their past connection.

[Episode End]

Precap : Harleen and Ekam are taken aback by the beautifully adorned house, wondering about the whereabouts of Sartaj and Nehmat. Nimmo discloses that they have departed from Moga, a fact confirmed by Rupy. In a gesture of hospitality, Nimmo hands over a file to Ekam, who proceeds to examine its contents.

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