Udaariyaan 27 June 2023 Written Story Update

Udaariyaan 27 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Harleen’s unwavering determination to become the mother of Ekam’s child in order to distance Nehmat from their lives. Concurrently, Sartaj and Nehmat seek advice from a seasoned gynecologist. The doctor elucidates Nehmat’s pregnancy complications, disclosing that she is afflicted with preeclampsia, a condition that could result in high blood pressure, necessitating a choice between saving either the mother or the child. Nehmat is taken aback by this revelation.

Expressing her desire for a biological child, Harleen confides in Ekam. Responding to her, Ekam affirms their shared objective and assures Harleen that they will find a way to conceive their own child. He mentions his acquaintance, whose spouse happens to be a senior gynecologist, and suggests consulting her. Meanwhile, Nehmat implores the doctor to prioritize the well-being of her child. She expresses to Sartaj that safeguarding their child’s life is of paramount importance.

Nehmat sits there, tears streaming down her face, and Sartaj sits beside her, offering support. With concern in his voice, he suggests that Nehmat should inform Ekam about her pregnancy. However, Nehmat adamantly refuses, fearing that it would ruin Ekam and Harleen’s lives. Instead, she asks Sartaj to promise her that he will give her child to Ekam and reveal the truth if anything were to happen to her. Sartaj scolds Nehmat, pointing out that she always puts others before herself. But Nehmat explains that she believes God has chosen her as a vessel to bring Ekam’s child into this world. She pleads with Sartaj to make the promise, reminding him that they cannot predict the future. Reluctantly, Sartaj assures her that he will take care of everything. Nehmat, seeking reassurance, asks him to promise once more. In response, Sartaj suggests that they should fight back and face this situation head-on.

As Nehmat, now pregnant, engages in a yoga practice, Sartaj attentively offers her water. Her mind wanders, and she envisions Ekam by her side. Meanwhile, Ekam and Harleen visit a gynecologist, but their visit ends in disappointment. In the background, the song “Jeete Chal” plays softly. Both Ekam and Harleen find solace in prayer at a Gurudwara. Nehmat, too, seeks solace in her own prayers at another Gurudwara. Later, Sartaj accompanies Nehmat to the gynecologist’s office, and they leave. Unbeknownst to them, Ekam and Harleen also visit the same doctor but miss seeing each other. Ekam and Harleen rejoice when the doctor informs them of a new technology that can help Harleen conceive. The doctor advises Ekam to keep Harleen happy.

To Harleen’s surprise, Ekam prepares a beautifully decorated room for her and reminds her of the doctor’s words. He lovingly massages her feet, and together, they visit the Gurudwara. Harleen decides to bake a cake, while Jasmine confronts her and expresses disapproval over Harleen’s decision to pursue IVF treatment after previous failures. Harleen explains that having her own child with Ekam is the only way to keep Nehmat away from him.

Curious about Nehmat’s whereabouts and activities, Harleen asks Jasmine if she has any information. Jasmine assures her that she will personally find out. Ekam and Harleen celebrate with the Sandhu family, feeding them sweets and sharing the news that Harleen’s IVF is expected to be successful this time. Meanwhile, Nehmat cherishes the photographs of everyone and writes on each one, indicating their relationship with her baby. She writes “dad” on Ekam’s picture and apologizes to it for keeping her pregnancy a secret.

A concerned neighbor inquires about Nehmat’s baby shower ceremony, emphasizing its significance in expressing the family’s love for the child. Nehmat feels a pang of sadness upon hearing this, realizing that her family isn’t there to support her. Sartaj, overhearing her comment, decides to organize a baby shower ceremony for Nehmat.

[Episode End]

Precap : Nehmat lovingly attends to a child, showering them with care and affection. Suddenly, a lady abruptly grabs the baby and swiftly flees the scene. Without hesitation, Nehmat springs into action, swiftly giving chase to the woman.

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