Udaariyaan 20 June 2023 Written Story Update

Udaariyaan 20 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Nehmat expressing her desire for Ekam to marry her. However, Ekam interrupts her abruptly and shouts for her to stop. In that moment, a wave of memories floods Ekam’s mind, reminding him of his disrespectful behavior towards Harleen. Overwhelmed with regret, he breaks down in tears and acknowledges that he has been inconsiderate in mocking Harleen’s love. Calling himself a “bad guy,” he goes to the extent of slapping himself. Nehmat intervenes, halting Ekam’s self-inflicted punishment.

Nehmat acknowledges the silver lining that Ekam has realized his mistake and emphasizes that it’s not too late to rectify it. Ekam, burdened by guilt, expresses his remorse for the way he treated Harleen. Nehmat encourages Ekam, assuring him that he still has a chance to return to Harleen, who loves him deeply. Ekam deeply regrets disregarding Harleen’s tears and acknowledges the role he played in damaging their relationship by involving Nehmat in an affair. He confesses that he couldn’t accept their separation, which was orchestrated by Jasmine’s manipulation, and his stubbornness regarding Nehmat’s presence in his life caused harm to Harleen.

Tears stream down Ekam’s face as his emotions overwhelm him. Witnessing Ekam’s genuine remorse, Nehmat also sheds tears. In the background, a sorrowful rendition of the Udaariyaan title track plays. Nehmat urges Ekam to allow Harleen’s love to be fulfilled, even if their own love remains incomplete. Ekam, lost in his conflicting emotions, admits that he is unsure of how to love and bring happiness to Harleen when his heart belongs to Nehmat. Nehmat persists in her attempts to convince Ekam, stating that their incomplete love has caused them both pain and that others have dictated their lives thus far. She proposes that they take charge of their own destinies from this point forward.

With a heavy heart, Nehmat suggests parting ways. She asks Ekam to make a solemn promise that they will never cross paths again and that they will leave their past behind. Overwhelmed with sorrow, Ekam places his hand over Nehmat’s, making the solemn promise. He cries, gripping her hands tightly as they bid farewell.

Both of them walk away from each other in reverse, tears streaming down their faces. They eventually turn around and steal glances at each other when they think the other isn’t looking, before continuing on their separate paths. Nehmat, overcome with emotion, prays to God, questioning why she was made the mother of Ekam’s child if they were meant to be torn apart. Despite her inner turmoil, Nehmat ultimately accepts God’s decision and resolves to keep the truth a secret, raising her child as a single mother.

Jasmine, consumed by anger, angrily drives her car and attempts to call Harleen to reveal the truth about Nehmat. Frustration builds as Harleen fails to answer the call. Suddenly, Jasmine’s car unexpectedly breaks down, forcing her to halt her plans momentarily.

Meanwhile, the Sandhu family prepares to attend Ekam and Harleen’s housewarming ceremony, known as the grihpravesh puja, in their new home. Naaz, however, expresses her reluctance, not wanting to partake in the event. Balveer reminds Naaz that they must persuade Ekam to support them in reclaiming their property.

Harleen contacts Satti and informs her that Ekam has not yet returned home. Shortly after, Ekam arrives, prompting Harleen to update Satti before ending the call. Harleen and Ekam participate in the puja, but Ekam’s mind is plagued by Nehmat’s words. He refuses to partake, stating that he doesn’t deserve to be present, leaving Harleen puzzled.

Meanwhile, Nehmat returns home and confides in Sartaj, assuring him that she made the choices she believed were right for herself and her child. She expresses her intention to leave the place behind. Harleen, perplexed by Ekam’s refusal, confronts him during the puja and tearfully asks him to explain his words. Overwhelmed with guilt, Ekam breaks down and admits to Harleen that he committed a grave betrayal. He reveals that he took advantage of Nehmat’s innocence and kindness, engaging in an affair with her despite being married to Harleen. The shocking revelation leaves Harleen utterly stunned.

[Episode End]

Precap : Ekam humbly pleads with Harleen to grant him another opportunity. However, Harleen remains skeptical of Ekam’s intentions and chooses not to place her trust in him once more. Filled with frustration, she storms off, leaving Ekam behind.

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