Titli 27 June 2023 Written Story Update

Titli 27 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Baa waking Titlie up, reminding her not to keep Saket waiting. Titlie checks her phone, realizing she hasn’t received any messages from Garv that day, and ponders why she’s letting it affect her. Later, Titlie and Saket go for a boat ride together. Saket continues to boast about his business, insisting that Titlie won’t need to work after marriage because it’s the husband’s responsibility to take care of his wife. Suddenly, water starts filling the boat, causing panic. Saket, in a state of distress, shouts for help and pushes Titlie out of the boat. Titlie desperately reaches out for his hand, but he refuses to assist her.

As Titlie teeters on the brink of drowning, Garv arrives at the scene. He is taken aback to see her in such a perilous situation and immediately comes to her rescue. With great strength, Garv pulls Titlie out of the water and seats her behind him, firmly gripping her hands. Their eyes meet, and a profound silence envelops them as the song “Kismat bana lu” plays softly in the background. Meanwhile, Garv throws a rope and drags Saket out of the water. Concerned, Garv asks Titlie if she’s alright. Saket, now back on land, confronts Garv, questioning his actions. In response, Garv insults Saket, asserting that he’s not a man for endangering a woman’s life. Saket probes further, asking if Garv is Titlie’s boyfriend.

Titlie intervenes, urging Garv not to escalate the situation. However, Garv decides to put an end to the uncertainty. Titlie encourages him to continue speaking his mind, claiming that she will leave if necessary. As Saket reaches out to hold Titlie’s hand, attempting to stop her from leaving, Garv becomes furious. He bends Saket’s hand forcefully, staking his claim on Titlie and vowing never to let her go. Saket argues that Titlie willingly came with him and even likes him. However, Titlie bluntly rejects Saket, stating that she only came because her family pressured her and that she had intended to reject him regardless. She makes it clear to Saket that she has no romantic interest in him. After Saket departs, Titlie expresses her gratitude to Garv for saving her life and questions why he felt the need to say so many hurtful things.

Garv mustered up the courage to express his true feelings to Titlie, affirming that everything he was about to say was undeniably genuine. With an adorable charm, he confessed his love for her, exemplifying it through the smallest details he noticed about her. He described the way she laughed at her own jokes, the endearing manner in which she tied her hair into a bun while working. He acknowledged his disdain for those who made mistakes, but despite Titlie’s occasional silliness, he couldn’t help but be consumed by thoughts of her. He acknowledged the truth in Titlie’s words about two negatives becoming a positive. Overwhelmed by Garv’s heartfelt words, Titlie was rendered speechless.

Garv admitted that he wasn’t fond of many of Titlie’s habits, yet he harbored strong affection for her. When Garv accidentally overheard her dadi discussing potential alliances, he found himself unable to keep his feelings concealed any longer. As a symbol of his love, Garv presented Titlie with a love-shaped balloon, accompanied by a declaration of his affection. Sensing Titlie’s trembling form, drenched from the rain, Garv swiftly took off his coat and gently draped it over her. He proceeded to dry her hair with his handkerchief. Despite his kind gestures, Titlie couldn’t accept his proposal and requested him to stop. Garv felt a surge of anger, but he managed to maintain his composure and asked her to explain the reason behind her decision. Titlie revealed that her past had left her deeply affected, making it difficult for her to trust others so easily.

In a determined tone, Garv responded by informing Titlie that her past wouldn’t deter him from loving her. With those resolute words, the episode concluded, leaving the audience eagerly anticipating the next chapter of their story.

[Episode End]

Precap : Garv will express to Titlie that there is no one else who can love her the way he does, no one else who can protect her like he can, and that he is the one meant for her. Titlie ponders over the fact that even though they were not officially in a relationship, she can’t help but sense the vibes of a potential breakup.

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