Titli 11 June 2023 Written Story Update

Titli 11 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Rahul employing his persuasive charm to deceive Titlie, as he kneels down and proposes to her for marriage. Enchanted by his words, Titlie promptly agrees, her heart filled with joy. Rahul playfully places an invisible ring on her finger, and Titlie beams with happiness. Subsequently, Rahul’s mother suggests conducting a blood test for Titlie’s visa application, enabling her to travel to Dubai. Hiral, envious of Titlie’s fortune of having a husband who will take her to Dubai, contrasts her own situation of being stuck with a rude boss. Chintu advises Hiral to refrain from cursing her boss so loudly.

As Titlie prepares herself for the blood test, she shuts her eyes tightly. Sensing her apprehension, Rahul tenderly holds her hand and reassures her. Her face lights up with a radiant smile. Ramesh, a family member, instructs the lab technician to send him the reports, but Rahul interjects, informing them that he already has his number registered and will retrieve the results. Rahul’s mother emphasizes the need to expedite the proceedings within two days. Ramesh proceeds to discuss the wedding budget.

Later, Titlie’s grandmother remarks on Bhakti’s peculiar situation, as she has been married for five years without having any children. Titlie, in an attempt to normalize the situation, asserts that it is common to not have kids immediately. However, Baa reproaches her and expresses the belief that marriage entails expanding the family and assuming responsibility. Baa sternly warns Titlie to provide her with good news within a year of their marriage.

The lab technician returns anxiously, admitting that he misplaced some important papers. Titlie reassures him, telling him not to be so frightened, and promises to locate them herself. Rahul’s mother scolds the technician, realizing that the lost papers could expose the fact that Titlie didn’t undergo a blood test but rather a fertility examination to determine her ability to conceive. Tiltie successfully finds the papers, and Rahul’s mother hopes that Titlie doesn’t discover their contents, fearing that it would ruin everything. As Titlie reviews the form, she notices that her name is misspelled and decides to correct it. However, her shock intensifies when she realizes that the lab papers mention the fertility test.

Titlie confides in Bhakti about the situation and seeks her advice, urging her to confront Rahul. Baa interjects, stating that it’s acceptable to verify whether Titlie can fulfill her duties as a wife by bearing their heir. Suspicious of their actions, Titlie feels unsettled by their lack of consultation. Jayshree advises her not to jump to conclusions and misunderstand the situation. To ensure a smooth transition during her absence, Titlie informs the owner of the flower shop but also writes down everything in her diary for easy management. Determined not to keep anything bottled up, she decides to have a conversation with Rahul.

When Titlie goes to talk to Rahul, she discovers him scolding the lab technician for conducting the fertility test. He apologizes to Titlie for his mother’s actions, claiming ignorance and expressing regret. However, his words deceive Titlie once again. At the law firm, a client attempts to harass one of the employees, but Garv intervenes and fiercely defends her, earning appreciation from his colleagues. Hiral becomes impressed by Garv’s bravery. Titlie urges Rahul not to hide things from her, and he promises to be more transparent. Playfully, Titlie teases Rahul, suggesting that he should dance at an upcoming ceremony. Grateful for finding the perfect partner, Titlie expresses her thanks to Lord Krishna. The episode concludes with Rahul smirking, hinting at an underlying plot.

[Episode End]

Precap : Rahul and Tilie share a beautiful dance, moving gracefully together. Afterwards, Rahul presents Titlie with a saree as a gift. Excitedly, Titlie tries it on, but soon a sense of unease washes over her as she realizes that the saree appears to have been previously worn by someone else. Concerned, Rahul confides in Bhairavi, explaining that he fears Titlie’s heart will be shattered once she discovers the truth.

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