Titli 26 June 2023 Written Story Update

Titli 26 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Monica in a state of deep distress, her tears flowing uncontrollably. Titlie, understanding her pain, offers solace and empathizes with her. Meanwhile, Garv and Manikant engage in a heated argument. Garv accuses Manikant of disrespecting Koyal despite the fact that the world knows she is his first wife. Garv believes that this disrespect from others is a direct consequence of Manikant’s actions. Frustrated, Garv demands that Manikant kneel down and apologize to Koyal. Enraged, Manikant raises his hand threateningly, but Koyal intervenes just in time to prevent a physical altercation.

Titlie advises Monica that it is her life and ultimately her decision to make. At that moment, Monica receives a call from Aditya. Observing this, Titlie curiously asks Monica if she loves Aditya.

Concerned about Monica, Garv goes to check on her and discovers that she is leaving with Titlie. His anger reaches its peak, leading him to vent his frustration by destructively breaking objects around him. Koyal questions Garv about the commotion and demands to know the reason behind his intense anger. Garv reveals that Titlie has fled with Monica, further fueling his fury. In his anger, he contacts Hiral and warns her that if she fails to disclose Titlie’s whereabouts within the next five minutes, he will involve the police.

Meanwhile, Titlie and Monica manage to intercept Aditya and his parents’ car. Titlie earnestly pleads with them not to let anger come between two people in love. She implores Aditya’s parents to give Aditya and Monica a chance to explain themselves before making any decisions. Monica joins in, making a heartfelt request to Aditya’s parents as well.

Koyal continues to speak ill of Titlie, firmly believing that Titlie will always find a way to create trouble through her wrong actions. Titlie’s family members express their concern about why Titlie assisted Monica in eloping, but Jayshree argues that Garv’s sister isn’t a child who blindly follows Titlie. Just when they think it’s the police at the door, they feel relieved to see Chintu instead. He playfully teases Hiral, questioning why she always manages to attract the attention of the police, but she blames Titlie.

Garv is taken aback to find Titlie standing at the door, accompanied by Monica and Aditya. Titlie offers her apologies for taking Monica without informing anyone. She explains how her aunt always emphasizes the importance of paying attention to small details and never letting go of loved ones. Monica announces that she and Aditya have decided to get married but need everyone’s acceptance and blessings. Garv playfully warns Aditya not to complain later and gazes at Titlie with admiration. Titlie presents a garland to Monica, who embraces her warmly, expressing gratitude for her assistance. The marriage rituals of Aditya and Monica commence, with Garv continuously looking at Titlie, a smile on his face. He realizes how poorly he had treated her before, despite her helping to resolve his family’s problems. Garv contemplates thanking her, but Titlie receives a call from Jayshree and departs.

Titlie’s family scolds her for meddling in other people’s affairs, but Jayshree reassures her that she did nothing wrong. Garv calls Titlie, and she questions why he involved her family in their argument. Garv admits that he acted out of anger and regrets it. Titlie reminds him that it’s his tendency to act impulsively and reflect later. Baa enters the scene and informs Titlie that she has a meeting with a potential suitor the next day. The episode concludes with Garv pondering why he feels restless upon hearing about Titlie’s potential marriage alliance.

[Episode End]

Precap : Titlie encounters Saket, who advises her against working after marriage, emphasizing that it should be the husband’s responsibility. Just as Titlie finds herself in a precarious situation, on the verge of drowning in water, Garv appears at the scene.

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