Titli 24 June 2023 Written Story Update

Titli 24 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Garv approaching Titlie, signaling that he has something important to share with her. Filled with anticipation, Titlie assumes it’s a compliment for her exceptional work. However, Garv surprises her by suggesting that she doesn’t need to attend court and can simply provide a recording stating their confinement in an elevator. Amused by his remark, Titlie playfully refers to him as Mr. Walnut, finding the nickname fitting.

Meanwhile, Koyal assigns Titlie the task of fetching snacks from the tent. Just then, Monica receives a call from her makeup artist, who apologizes for canceling last-minute due to an unforeseen emergency. Panic ensues among everyone, but Titlie intervenes and offers her assistance. Initially hesitant, Monica and even Garv discourage her, insisting that she should focus on her own decoration work.

After Garv departs, Titlie manages to persuade Monica to let her do the makeup. She locks the door and commences applying makeup on Monica. Outside, Koyal begins shouting, undermining Titlie’s abilities and claiming she won’t be able to handle the task. Garv arrives and expresses his anger over Titlie doing Monica’s makeup against his wishes. Amidst the chaos, Manikant mentions the waiting guests, adding to the urgency.

Ignoring the commotion, Titlie continues with the makeup. Koyal urges her to open the door, and eventually, she emerges. Titlie assures them that Monica is ready, except for one crucial detail. However, they cut her off, scolding her for the delay while the guests await their arrival.

In a bid to keep the guests occupied, Manikant volunteers to engage them. Titlie brings Monica out, and everyone is elated by her stunning appearance. Appreciating Titlie’s efforts, Maina compliments her and expresses gratitude for saving Monica’s special day from ruin. Titlie hopes that Garv will finally smile, but his expression turns sour when he witnesses a waiter accidentally spilling a drink. Despite Koyal offering Titlie Rs. 20 as a token of appreciation, she refuses, stating that she didn’t do it for the money but rather for Maina and Monica’s happiness.

Tiltie fervently hopes to find someone who will love her deeply and speak kindly even in moments of anger. However, her hopes are dashed when she witnesses Garv angrily berating a waiter, forcefully gripping his collar. Despite this, Monica’s engagement ceremony concludes, and Tiltie catches a glimpse of Garv’s smile as he warmly embraces his sisters. She can’t help but gaze at him, and unexpectedly, Garv locks eyes with her. Seizing the moment, he asks her to send him the video. Drishti urges Garv to dance with her, and soon, the entire family joins in the celebration, dancing together. Tiltie also joins the lively gathering and dances along, but an accidental push causes her to stumble and fall onto Garv.

In an unfortunate twist, Tiltie’s dupatta becomes entangled in Garv’s watch, and in his attempt to free it, he inadvertently tears it. Tiltie admonishes him for ruining her beloved dupatta, but Garv promises to replace it with a better one. Garv insists that Tiltie provide him with the video evidence, and she obliges by sending it to him. However, when Garv watches the video, he becomes infuriated upon seeing Tiltie asking him to smile. In his anger, he forcefully pulls her along, pinning her against the wall. Garv admonishes Tiltie, emphasizing the seriousness of his career and expressing his disappointment in her not taking it seriously. He bluntly asks if she has a crush on him, to which Tiltie denies. Garv admits his mistake in assuming that she would be of assistance to him and storms off, leaving Tiltie alone. Unexpectedly, Tiltie calls out to him and falls into his arms once again.

Later that night, Tiltie ponders why her innocent request for Garv to smile triggered such a strong reaction from him. In the courtroom, Tiltie arrives on time and explains to the judge about their unfortunate elevator predicament. Garv, realizing that Tiltie came to his aid despite his rude behavior, is filled with gratitude. Before he can express his thanks, Tiltie departs from the scene. The episode concludes with Garv deciding to follow Tiltie.

[Episode End]

Precap : Garv’s request for an apology to Koyal will result in Monica’s in-laws canceling the wedding.

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