Titli 15 June 2023 Written Story Update

Titli 15 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Titlie recounting the message from Bhairavi to Rahul, but Rahul appears perplexed, questioning which message she is referring to. Chintu inquires about the password for the smartwatch, and Rahul reveals that it is Titlie’s birthday. Upon inspection, Chintu fails to locate any message. Rahul recollects that he had indeed seen a message but deleted it after noticing Titlie reading it as well. Titlie asserts the veracity of her words, explaining that Bhairavi’s contact was saved in his phone as “wife.” She proceeds to describe their meeting at the cafe, where Rahul deceitfully claimed they were going to buy a gharchola but instead presented her with an old saree.

Titlie divulges that everything has been transpiring rapidly since they met, with Rahul proposing marriage and promising to take her to Dubai. Jayshree questions the purpose behind this elaborate scheme. Titlie reveals that they desired a child from her, as Bhairavi is unable to conceive. She reminds them of the tests conducted to determine her fertility. Rahul’s mother vehemently denounces Titlie as repugnant for levying such accusations against them. Titlie then engages in a conversation with Bhairavi, empathizing with her situation, but urging her not to share her husband with anyone. She implores Bhairavi to disclose whether she was coerced into participating in the plan.

Bhairavi, however, conceals the truth. She claims to have always known that Titlie didn’t deserve a guy like Rahul, but she accepted his decision nonetheless. Rahul continues to act kind and insists on marrying Titlie. However, his mother cancels the wedding and takes Rahul away. Titlie’s family members plead with her not to break the marriage, but she remains unyielding. Jayshree advises Titlie to seek forgiveness, yet she dismisses their suggestions and tells them to leave. Once they depart, Titlie faces severe blame from her uncle and Baa, as they believe she has tarnished their reputation. Despite the accusations, Chintu embraces Titlie and expresses his unwavering belief in her.

Distraught by the echoing taunts she hears at the wedding altar, Titlie weeps and rides her scooty towards a cliff. Overwhelmed, she has a breakdown and beseeches Lord Krishna to reveal her mistake in trusting Rahul. As her leg slips, she nearly plummets down the cliff, but Garv arrives in the nick of time and pulls her to safety. In the midst of the chaos, Titlie instinctively embraces Garv, unaware that her pallu has caught fire from a nearby lantern. Gazing into each other’s eyes, they are captivated as the melodious tune of “Dheere Dheere se” fills the air. Titlie eventually turns around and notices her gharchola ablaze, prompting Garv to swiftly remove it and offer his assistance. Suddenly, rain pours down. As Titlie prepares to depart, Garv stops her.

Curious, Garv questions Titlie if she contemplated suicide, warning her of the consequences that may follow. He wonders if her groom refused to marry her. In response, Titlie reveals that sometimes even girls can call off a marriage if the guy is a fraud. Garv discloses that he is a lawyer, which prompts Titlie to ask if he lost a case that brought him to this point. Consequently, Garv recounts a case involving a child sent to a juvenile center for accidentally shooting his brother due to his father’s negligence in storing a loaded gun at home. As the sunrise paints the sky, Titlie smiles, and she and Garv find themselves embracing opposing ideologies towards life.

[Episode End]

Precap : Garv advises Titlie to refrain from wearing a nose pin in her future dress-ups. In response, Titlie asserts that if he can’t resist looking at her, then only her Mr. Right possesses the privilege to do so.

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