Titli 07 June 2023 Written Story Update

Titli 07 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The scene unfolds with a man behaving inappropriately towards Titlie, while Garv approaches them. The melodious tune of “Ek duje me vaste” plays as Titlie keeps her gaze fixed on Garv. However, he fails to notice them and departs from the scene. Soon after, Titlie’s uncle arrives and escorts her home. Unfortunately, her grandmother begins to blame Titlie for engaging in an affair. Titlie defends herself, explaining that the man was harassing her, but her uncle scolds her for venturing out alone.

Titlie proceeds to share the news about her parents’ anniversary, but her uncle reprimands his wife for filling her head with romantic tales, accusing her of spoiling Titlie’s mind. Overwhelmed with emotion, Titlie continues to cry as her uncle ruins the decorations and hurls the cake she had brought.

Thankfully, Titlie’s aunt steps in to console her and lift her spirits. She assures Titlie that everything will improve when she finds a good husband. Titlie longs for a love like her parents’ in her own marriage. Her aunt reminisces about how Titlie’s parents used to argue and bicker, despite their deep love for each other, causing them both anxiety.

Meanwhile, Chintu arrives with a cake and apologizes for not accompanying Titlie earlier. She embraces him warmly. Titlie proceeds to decorate a car with flowers while Garv is seen jogging nearby, as the song “dheere dheere se” plays softly in the background. Titlie calls her client to inform them that she has completed decorating the car, only to discover that she has decorated the wrong one.

The car titled “Garv” was adorned with decorations when its owner, Garv, arrived and became angry upon seeing it. Titlie, who had been hiding, observed his reaction. Garv noticed a “I Love You” sign on the car and began searching for the person responsible. Despite Titlie’s attempts to remain hidden, their paths collided, resulting in a shower of flowers. Titlie tried to escape, but Garv stopped her by firmly holding her hands. Eventually, Garv got into the car and drove away. As Titlie watched, a butterfly landed on the flowers, and she tried to catch it, but it flew into the car. She shouted for it to return her flowers, but Garv didn’t stop.

Later, Hiral teased Titlie for getting scolded the previous night, claiming that everyone woke up except for her, and her snores could be heard even outside. In an attempt to apologize, Titlie used rose petals to write “sorry” and asked Baa (grandmother) for forgiveness. Baa instructed her to serve breakfast. Hiral commented that even Titlie’s in-laws would find her breakfast boring, just like her. Suddenly, Rahul and his mother arrived with a marriage proposal for Titlie. Feeling hesitant, Titlie requested her grandmother to give her some time to decide. An argument ensued between Titlie and her grandmother regarding this matter. Meanwhile, Rahul was on the terrace, talking to someone on the phone, and Titlie overheard him saying “I Love You.” She was shocked to find herself standing behind him.

Titlie confronted Rahul about his phone conversation, and he responded by saying it was good that she overheard it. Titlie playfully teased him, claiming that she also had someone she loved. Rahul explained that he was talking about his dog, and Titlie revealed that she was referring to her puppy. She mentioned that she had already seen his video call. Titlie suggested that before getting married, they should meet a few more times to ensure they are a good match. Rahul inquired if she wasn’t interested in an arranged marriage, to which Titlie responded by emphasizing the importance of both parties being certain of their compatibility. Meanwhile, it was revealed that Garv is Hiral’s boss.

Rahul’s mother attempted to give a coin as a token of good luck (shagun) to Titlie, but Rahul intervened and invited her to their home instead. The episode concluded with Titlie standing silently, contemplating her decision.

[Episode End]

Precap : Titlie is about to meet Garv when tragedy strikes and one of her wings shatters. After the incident, Titlie and Rahul find themselves under scrutiny as they face a barrage of questions from the party attendees.

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