Titli 28 June 2023 Written Story Update

Titli 28 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Garv offering advice to Titli, urging her not to cease loving others due to their past experiences. He opens up about witnessing destiny and expresses his love for her. Garv acknowledges that there is no pressure for Titli to reciprocate his feelings, but reminds her that she rejected his initial proposal. Undeterred, he proposes to her once more. As Garv prepares to leave, he invites Titli to join him, but she remains motionless. Accepting her decision, Garv is on the verge of departing when Titli inquires about his expenses. He reassures her that it’s not an issue. The two of them begin to walk away in opposite directions. Unexpectedly, tears well up in Garv’s eyes, leaving him puzzled, while Titli questions why she feels as if she has just experienced a breakup.

In another scene, Dadi reprimands Chintu, only for Titli to arrive. Curiosity piques, and everyone gathers around her, eagerly anticipating her response. Titli discloses that she has chosen not to marry him, leaving everyone shocked and inquiring about her reasoning. Titli requests that they let the matter go, explaining that she simply doesn’t harbor affection for him and questions why they insist on further pursuing the issue. Unwilling to accept her decision, they resolve to contact Sanket themselves to uncover the truth. Despite Titli’s attempts to dissuade them, their determination remains unyielding. Meanwhile, Garv returns home, prompting everyone to surround him, playfully teasing him. Paresh dials Sanket’s number to inquire about the situation. Sanket reveals that Titli bears no fault in their failed relationship, asserting that they didn’t work out because she deserves someone better. Abruptly ending the call, Sanket’s response bewilders everyone, while Titli contemplates why he chose not to share the whole truth. On the other hand, Sanket begins devising a plan for revenge against Titli and Garv. Dadi expresses her discontent about Titli remaining unmarried.

At Garv’s house, everyone was engrossed in a discussion about Garv’s marriage, curious to know if he had someone special in mind. Bado Ma expressed her firm belief that it was impossible for anyone other than herself to find a suitable bride for Garv. Amidst the conversation, Garv’s thoughts drifted back to Titli. After much contemplation, Titli finally mustered the courage to call Garv, which filled him with immense joy. As they engaged in conversation, Badi Ma took it upon herself to approach the Pandit, handing him Titli’s picture and urging him to pray that she would stay away from her son’s life. Badi Ma insisted that Titli was merely interested in Garv’s wealth, but the wise Pandit was well aware of what the future held. Meanwhile, Titli discovered that a family had come to meet Garv regarding a potential alliance.

[Episode End]

Precap : Badi Ma lodged a complaint against Titli with the inspector, expressing her grievances. However, Garv stepped in and defended Titli, firmly asserting that she was incapable of committing the alleged act.

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