Titli 08 June 2023 Written Story Update

Titli 08 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Rahul departing alongside his mother. Baa and Ramesh reprimand Titlie, demanding to know what she said to Rahul. Ramesh questions why she uttered unnecessary remarks, causing Rahul to reject the alliance. In the meantime, Titlie’s aunt contacts Chintu to accompany Titlie for shopping. Chintu and her boss attempt to uplift her spirits by engaging in a pani puri eating contest, competing to see who can make the loudest sound while eating. They encourage Titlie to participate, and together they share laughter.

As Baa begins to pack her belongings, she declares her intention to leave the house. Ramesh tries to dissuade her, but she continues to criticize Titlie for attempting to break free and blames her parents for ruining everything.

Titlie repeatedly calls her aunt, but she fails to notice the incoming calls due to being engrossed in Baa’s scolding. Growing concerned, Titlie starts to worry. Ramesh remarks to Baa that whatever she predicts will inevitably come to pass. Baa asserts that she is not Titlie’s enemy and has decided that she should marry Rahul. Baa informs Titlie’s aunt that Rahul and his mother will be present at the reception party in the evening and expresses her desire to avoid any drama caused by Titlie. Frustrated, Baa angrily tosses her luggage bag aside.

Titlie adorns a garland for Lord Krishna, receiving praise for her actions. While she longs for a deeper understanding of life, she reflects on her current circumstances and hopes to acquire wisdom in that aspect as well.

Titlie’s boss, Mr. Johnson, informs her about a notorious individual named Putna, known for his cruelty. Meanwhile, a lady is depicted scolding a man and chasing him with a sandal. Seeking refuge, the man hides behind Titlie, who happens to be nearby. Witnessing the commotion, Koyal, another acquaintance, reprimands the man for selling outrageously expensive apples and urges him to come out. To divert Koyal’s attention, Titlie presents her with a Krishna Kamal flower, capturing her interest. Koyal becomes impressed upon seeing the exquisite idols of Krishna and Radha on display in a nearby flower shop. Titlie explains that they are not for sale, but Koyal insists on purchasing them. However, Titlie adamantly refuses to sell the idols. As a gesture of goodwill, she offers Koyal a flower, but Koyal responds by breaking it into pieces and hurling them at Titlie. Koyal warns Titlie to never cross paths with her again, threatening dire consequences if she does.

Shortly after, Titlie receives a phone call from her aunt, who informs her about an upcoming reception in the evening. Baa, Titlie’s grandmother, advises her to be humble and show respect to Rahul and his mother during the event. Struggling to carry multiple items, Titlie decides to wear a pair of artificial wings, hoping it will make things easier. Coincidentally, Garv approaches from the same direction, and their paths collide, resulting in one of Titlie’s wings breaking. Before Garv can catch a glimpse of Titlie’s face, she hurriedly leaves the scene. Chintu, Titlie’s friend, playfully teases her about wearing just one wing and she asks him to search for the missing wing.

Unaware of Titlie’s departure, Garv picks up the broken wing and contemplates returning it to her. He places it on a table along with a note before making his exit. Upon discovering the wing and the thoughtful gesture, Titlie feels elated but regrets not being able to thank Garv properly as he walks away. Meanwhile, Rahul compliments Titlie and attempts to flirt with her. He apologizes for his sudden departure earlier and expresses his embarrassment for assuming she would readily accept the alliance proposal. Engaging in conversation while decorating a moon swing, the two inadvertently lose their balance and tumble onto it together. The guests at the reception observe this incident and start gossiping about them.

[Episode End]

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