Titli 14 June 2023 Written Story Update

Titli 14 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Titlie’s Baa becoming furious at Baa for assisting Titlie in going out. However, Titlie defends herself, stating that it’s not her fault. Consequently, her uncle harshly scolds her, while Baa continues to vent her anger towards Titlie. They place the blame on Jayshree for supposedly corrupting Titlie. Ramesh advises Titlie to cease embarrassing him or even consider taking poison. Baa even suggests that Titlie should marry peacefully and leave the house. Amidst the chaos, Jayshree attempts to console Titlie, who is in tears. She questions why Titlie felt the need to leave when her gharchola (traditional dress) had already been cleaned. Jayshree explains to Titlie that her in-laws’ house will become her new home, and she will need to make some adjustments.

Titlie confesses to Jayshree that she made a mistake by overthinking everything. Jayshree encourages her to get ready. Rahul arrives with the wedding procession, and Titlie prepares herself as the bride. Chintu enters and informs Titlie that the procession has already arrived. Titlie asks him to retrieve Rahul’s watch from her bag so she can return it to him. Chintu mentions that it’s a state-of-the-art smartwatch and wonders if Titlie knows how to make calls using it. Titlie assures him that she knows. Just then, Baa calls Titlie, and Chintu departs. Titlie confides in Lord Krishna about her impending marriage.

Bhairavi dials Rahul’s number, and Titlie happens to catch a glimpse of the name “wife” displayed on his smartwatch as the contact. The sight fills her with shock and disbelief. Bhairavi persistently calls Rahul while he enters Titlie’s house, leaving her perplexed about what to do. Jayshree apologizes to Rahul’s mother for Titlie’s apparent mistake, further confusing Titlie. She finds herself wondering about the unfolding events and fervently prays to God for guidance and the revelation of the complete truth. Bhairavi continues attempting to reach Rahul, but her efforts prove fruitless, leaving her feeling upset.

In the midst of the confusion, Bhakti and Hiral arrive to escort Titlie to the wedding altar. Despite her reluctance, Titlie reluctantly accompanies them. Rahul’s gaze remains fixed on Titlie as she is led to the mandap. Memories of their encounters and his affectionate words flood Titlie’s mind. Bhairavi, seething with annoyance, suppresses her emotions and maintains control.

Rahul extends his hand, expecting Titlie to hold it. However, Titlie hesitates, coming to a sudden halt. Jayshree urges Titlie to move forward, but she panics and remains rooted in place. Concerned, Rahul’s mother inquires about the situation. Jayshree reiterates her instruction for Titlie to proceed. Seeking divine intervention, Titlie prays for guidance along the right path.

Unbeknownst to Titlie, Bhairavi seizes the opportunity to send Rahul a message along with their picture. The message emphasizes that he should solely focus on her and remember that he is marrying Titlie solely to conceive a child. While Rahul glances at the message on his phone, Titlie is taken aback as she reads the same distressing words on his smartwatch.

Recalling the earlier sighting of the fertility form, Titlie suddenly comprehends the truth. As the Varmala ritual commences, Titlie steps back, refusing to participate. She vocalizes her refusal, explaining that she cannot marry a man who is already wedded to another woman. Baa, filled with shock, interrogates Titlie about her claims, prompting Titlie to disclose Bhairavi’s identity as Rahul’s wife. In an attempt to validate her statement, Titlie reveals the incriminating evidence—the smartwatch—and details the message sent by Bhairavi.

[Episode End]

Precap : Rahul’s family, upon witnessing the embarrassing incident, decides to take the Baarat back. Overwhelmed by the situation, her uncle reprimands her severely, causing Titlie to feel disheartened. In a state of despair, she heads towards a cliff. Fortunately, Garv comes to her rescue just in time, and she embraces him tightly, finding solace in his presence.

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