Titli 12 June 2023 Written Story Update

Titli 12 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The scene unfolds with Titlie returning home to discover the pink lehenga she had selected at the shop hanging in her room. It dawns on her that Jayshree must have brought it, filling her with delightful surprise. Filled with joy, Titlie embraces Jayshree and expresses how no one could love her as much as her. Jayshree assures her that Rahul will fulfill all her desires and shower her with an abundance of love. Just then, Bhakti arrives and offers to assist Titlie in getting ready for the Sangeet. Rahul’s mother and Bhairavi praise Titlie’s appearance. Rahul playfully flirts with Titlie and asks if he also looks handsome. Titlie happily agrees. Bhairavi arrives, pushing Rahul aside, and comes up with excuses. She then introduces Titlie to Rahul’s best friend.

Rahul’s mother presents Titlie with a saree as a gift, and Titlie decides to keep it in her room. Chintu urges her to return quickly as the Sangeet is about to commence. Titlie contemplates checking on the saree but hears the music playing, realizing that her performance is up first. She heads back to the function. Chintu is on the verge of announcing Titlie and Rahul’s performance when Hiral unexpectedly takes the stage and declares that she will dance first. Hiral proceeds to perform on “Banno Tera Swagger” and even pulls Chintu along with her. Jayshree becomes angry with Hiral’s actions, but Titlie manages to calm her down.

Rahul confesses that he lacks dancing skills, but Titlie playfully teases him, and he eventually agrees to give it a try. Chintu suggests that they showcase how Rahul and Titlie first met through a performance. They reenact the scene from Hetal’s wedding, where Rahul and Titlie share a romantic dance to the melodious tune of “Kesariya Tera.” The audience applauds their performance, and Jayshree compliments them. Rahul admits to feeling nervous, but Titlie skillfully handles the situation. Bhatki shows Titlie a recording of their performance, and she notices that Bhairavi appears upset. Curious, Titlie approaches Bhairavi and asks if she is missing Mohan, encouraging her to call him. However, Bhairavi immediately refuses.

Rahul’s mother arrives and makes excuses, stating that Mohan is busy with work and Titlie can meet him once they go to Dubai. She scolds Bhairavi for her behavior after Titlie leaves. Excitedly, Titlie tells Jayshree that it was the best day of her life. Jayshree becomes emotional at the thought of parting ways with Titlie. As Titlie examines the bridal saree given to her by Rahul’s mother, Jayshree admires its beauty. However, Titlie notices some dirt on the saree and wonders if Rahul and Bhairavi had picked a new one together, as this one appears used. She calls Jayshree and asks her to take a look. Chintu suggests that it might be a second-hand saree.

Jayshree explains that in some families, the mother-in-law provides the bridal wear. Titlie questions Rahul’s lie about it, causing her to panic and wonder about the reason behind it. Jayshree assures her and offers support. Meanwhile, Garv’s sisters ask him to answer a question on the radio. Titlie also listens to the radio and is impressed by Garv’s response, where he emphasizes the importance of having faith in one’s partner and not harboring doubts in a relationship. Titlie tries calling Rahul, but before he can answer, Bhairavi snatches his phone. She declares that the only person with a right over him is her, and they share a romantic moment. Rahul confesses to taking advantage of Titlie’s innocence and breaking her heart. It is then revealed that Bhairavi is Rahul’s wife. Feeling uneasy, Titlie confides in Lord Krishna, sensing that something significant is being hidden from her.

[Episode End]

Precap : Rahul’s frustration reached its peak as he scolded his mother for gifting him old bridal wear. The situation took an unexpected turn when Titlie suddenly appeared before him, prompting him to be overcome with shock.

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