Titli 22 June 2023 Written Story Update

Titli 22 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With the priest urging everyone to extend their hands for the puja. Both Maina and Koyal obediently stretch their hands alongside Manikant. Curious, he questions Koyal about her actions. In response, Koyal explains that during the previous puja, Maina took part, so this time it’s her turn. Maina pacifies Manikant while Titlie becomes aware of his two wives. Koyal signals to Titlie, who contemplates her words about revealing her position in the household. Once the puja concludes, the priest hands Manikant the sindoor to apply on his wife’s hairline. Koyal eagerly awaits him, but he hesitates.

Titlie becomes perplexed and considers that something is amiss. Alpa engages in a conversation with Maina, inquiring if she is pleased that Manikant publicly applied sindoor on her forehead. Maina expresses her discomfort with the situation, and Alpa sarcastically remarks that the household drama only began after Maina’s arrival, which leaves Maina feeling disheartened. Meanwhile, Titlie creates a floral rangoli. Hiral overhears a conversation among some servants and asks them if the rumors circulating are true. Spotting Koyal approaching, Hiral hastily departs from the scene. Koyal then approaches Titlie, proudly presenting the Mehta house nameplate and asserting that she is the queen of this household, emphasizing that this is her family.

Koyal expresses to Manikant that he loves her deeply, which is why he never left her despite knowing she couldn’t conceive. Overwhelmed with emotions, she reveals that he even married her own sister, Maina, to ensure Koyal stayed with him. Koyal acknowledges that Manikant loves Maina too because she always excels in everything. However, Manikant speaks ill of Koyal in front of Maina. To Koyal’s surprise, Maina takes her side and reminds Manikant that Koyal has raised all their children as her own. Despite this, Manikant sternly decides that Koyal will not be involved in Monica’s wedding. Seeking solace, Koyal confides in Titlie, sharing that all her children deeply respect her and she carries the responsibility of Monica’s marriage on her shoulders.

Manikant encounters Garv and inquires if he has eaten the religious offering. Suddenly, he receives a phone call and departs. Koyal arrives and Garv asks her to give him the offering as he prefers eating from her hands alone. As a servant attempts to hand the offering to Titlie, they both manage to catch it with their dupattas just before it falls. Hiral intervenes and tries to join their conversation, but Koyal instructs Titlie to leave after receiving her daily wage. However, Titlie insists that Garv can pay her once all the work is completed.

Garv and Titlie save each other’s contact information with peculiar nicknames. Later, Titlie playfully teases Hiral by calling her “Toral” based on Garv’s reference, leading both of them to share a laugh. Garv notices their interaction and departs. Koyal informs Manikant that she has prepared his favorite lentil dish, but he refuses to eat it. When Koyal insists on serving him, Manikant unleashes his anger on her. Maina tries to calm him down, but he declares that Koyal will not attend Monica’s wedding. At that moment, Garv arrives and confronts Manikant, taking Koyal’s side. He asserts that Maina may have given birth to them, but Koyal has raised them and deserves equal rights in the wedding. Manikant raises his hand against Garv, but Koyal intervenes and pleads with Garv to stop. Manikant warns Garv that if he has a problem, he shouldn’t attend the wedding either. The episode concludes with Monica experiencing a breakdown and imploring everyone to stop.

[Episode End]

Precap : Garv stood on the road, completely absorbed in his music as he wore his headphones. As fate would have it, a large truck suddenly appeared, hurtling towards him. In a split second, Titlie, his quick-thinking friend, courageously pushed him out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, her heroic act caused her to lose her balance, and she fell on top of Garv, both of them tumbling to the ground.

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