Titli 25 June 2023 Written Story Update

Titli 25 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Eve Teasers engaging in their usual act of teasing Titlie at the signal. Titlie prepares to confront them, but just then, Garv arrives and occupies her moped. He informs her that they are running late for a wedding. Their playful banter ensues. Meanwhile, Koyal instructs a worker to clean the floor. Suddenly, Titlie applies the brakes abruptly, causing Garv to tumble onto her. Koyal witnesses the incident and proceeds to taunt Titlie for her tardiness. However, Titlie retorts, suggesting that Koyal can mock her later. Determined to leave, Titlie departs while Koyal urges Garv not to smile. Curiously, Titlie turns back to catch a glimpse of his smile, but she is unable to see his face. She concludes that expecting a smile from him is futile and continues on her way.

Meanwhile, Manikant and the others diligently attend to the decorations. Titlie encounters a minor disturbance with her hair while assisting in the venue decoration. She decides to tie it up, and Garv becomes captivated by her appearance. Just then, Dristhi arrives and requests Garv’s help in choosing a dress. In response, Garv selects a dress, guided by his observation of Titlie. Grateful, Dristhi expresses her gratitude and departs. Garv, moved by Titlie’s presence, unties her hair and compliments her, stating that she looks beautiful with her hair down.

Manikant and Maina brim with joy at the sight of Monica and eagerly proceed to welcome the Baarat. Monica, seeking reassurance, inquires about her appearance from Titlie. Titlie responds, remarking on Monica’s radiant happiness as she prepares to marry her beloved. Filled with excitement, Monica expresses her anticipation. Manikant and his family warmly receive Aditya and his family. Titlie adorns Garv with a shower of flowers, catching his attention before she averts her gaze. Sushma presents the jewelry they have brought for Monica to Maina.

Maina then asks Koyal to take the jewelry inside. Diligently, Koyal complies and discreetly examines the authenticity of the pieces. Observing Koyal’s actions, Sushma creates a scene, diminishing Koyal’s worth. Coming to her defense, Garv firmly insists that Sushma apologize to Koyal. Unyielding, Sushma defiantly refuses, asserting her status as the groom’s mother. Garv asserts that it is inconsequential, urging Koyal to apologize and advising him to control his anger. Maina endeavors to defuse the situation, but Sushma remains obstinate. Titlie implores them not to mar their special day.

Sushma mocks Titlie, igniting Garv’s anger as he demands an apology from Sushma, not just for Titlie but also for Koyal. Disparagingly, Sushma questions if Garv truly desires to marry into a family that subjected them to such humiliation. She proclaims that her son will not set foot in the wedding pavilion. Undeterred, Garv retorts that even his sister supports their Badi Maa. Aditya’s father abruptly calls off the wedding, prompting Maina and others to intervene, albeit unsuccessfully. Manikant arrives at the scene and inquiries about the reason behind canceling the wedding, directed towards Aditya’s father.

[Episode End]

Precap : In a watery ordeal, Titlie finds herself submerged, desperately struggling to stay afloat. However, in her dire moment, a hero named Garv emerges, ready to lend a helping hand.

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