Titli 20 June 2023 Written Story Update

Titli 20 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Titlie approaching Garv to request a meeting. However, she is informed by Garv that she is running late, and despite her attempt to explain the traffic situation, he dismisses her excuses. As they step into the elevator, Garv grants Titlie the duration of the descent to the ground floor to present her case. Initially, Titlie lightens the atmosphere with a jest before quoting a sum of 2 lakhs. Surprisingly, Garv agrees to offer 3 lakhs instead but emphasizes the importance of completing the task diligently.

Unexpectedly, the elevator encounters a malfunction, causing Titlie and Garv to collide. Garv becomes anxious as he has a court hearing to attend. Titlie persists in her efforts to open the elevator door, resulting in another argument with Garv. Subsequently, the lights inside the elevator dim, prompting Titlie to seize Garv’s phone and activate the flashlight. Observing Garv’s distress, Titlie encourages him to think positively and prompts him to close his eyes and imagine. Perplexed, Garv questions Titlie’s sanity. Unfazed, Titlie endeavors to divert Garv’s attention and convinces him to visualize himself arriving at the court hearing on time. Throughout the ordeal, Titlie continuously attempts to calm Garv, until finally, the elevator doors open.

Garv reprimands the technician for the malfunctioning lift, while Titlie interjects, stating that it’s just a machine. The technician asks both of them to exit the lift so he can examine the issue. Garv notices that Titlie seems uncomfortable and decides against lifting her up. Instead, he crouches down in front of her and suggests she step on him to get out. Garv then exits the lift himself. Hiral arrives at the scene and asks Garv if he’s okay. Garv informs her that Titlie was also trapped with him. Hiral advises Titlie to be more careful in her work, to which Titlie playfully teases her for being concerned.

Later, Garv appears in court and learns that Mr. Verma’s lawyer has presented a strong case against him, blaming his lateness for the court date being postponed by two weeks. Garv pleads with the lawyer not to delay the proceedings and is instructed to bring a witness to prove his claim of being stuck in the lift. Garv realizes that Titlie is his only hope. Titlie reaches Garv’s house and informs his uncle that she has arrived at the client’s house. Meanwhile, Koyal scolds the maid for her inadequate work. As Titlie is about to enter, Koyal accidentally drops a plate full of red rangoli color. Both Koyal and Titlie are surprised to see each other, and Koyal questions if Titlie is following her.

An argument ensues between Koyal, Titlie, and Hiral. Manikant admonishes Koyal for always creating drama and instructs Titlie to go inside and start her work. Unknowingly, Titlie steps on the spilled color, leaving footprints as she enters Garv’s room by mistake. The maid mentions to Koyal that Titlie’s footprints resemble a “grav pravesh” (an inauspicious ritual of entering a new house). In response, Koyal gives Titlie bitter gourd juice to drink, hoping that it will keep her away from Garv. As Garv enters the house, his footsteps also leave imprints next to Titlie’s. Angrily, Koyal throws water to erase the footprints. Meanwhile, Garv is changing his shirt, and it accidentally falls on Titlie’s face. The episode ends with Garv being shocked to find Titlie in his room.

[Episode End]

Precap : As the Prasad plate slips from the staff’s hand, both Titlie and Garv quickly reach out for the nearby dupatta, attempting to catch it. In their effort to grab the falling plate, they draw closer to each other, their hands meeting as they gather the dupatta.

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