Titli 23 June 2023 Written Story Update

Titli 23 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Koyal reprimanding Garv for speaking ill of Manikant. However, she sides with him and advises Garv not to get angry with anyone until Monica’s wedding is over. Despite his efforts to calm himself, Garv’s anger towards Manikant escalates, leading him to break things in his room. Titlie informs Jayshree about Manikant’s mistreatment of Koyal. In an attempt to control his anger, Garv inadvertently punches a mirror, injuring himself.

Titlie fervently prays that she never encounters someone incapable of controlling their anger, as she wouldn’t be able to endure it. Drishti and Monica visit Garv’s room with a glass of milk and spend some quality time together. Monica embraces Garv tightly, expressing how much she will miss him. She urges Garv to enjoy her wedding to the fullest, free from tension and anger. Meanwhile, Titlie is fast asleep but experiences nightmares of witnessing domestic abuse during her childhood, which she dismisses as just a dream. Her heart pounding, she wakes up and quenches her thirst with a glass of water.

Titlie receives a message from Garv, wondering why he woke up at 4:30 am. Garv explains that she shouldn’t waste time pondering over it and informs her that he is sending her a sample for decoration. Titlie admires his good taste. Hearing Jayshree cooking in the kitchen, Titlie joins her and recounts witnessing a man assaulting his wife and her own attempts to protect the daughter. Jayshree recalls a similar incident involving Titlie’s mother. Confused by her recent encounter, Titlie wonders why she witnessed it when she has never seen anyone close to her suffering from domestic violence. Jayshree diverts her attention by preparing her lunchbox, wishing that Titlie finds someone who loves her deeply, ensuring that she never recollects the bitter memories of her childhood.

In a playful manner, Titlie teases Garv by deliberately avoiding a proper response to his text message. However, she unintentionally sends him a heart emoji, leaving her wondering about her actions. As Garv panics upon seeing the emoji, Titlie quickly realizes her mistake and promptly deletes it. Meanwhile, Koyal fervently prays to Tulsi for Monica’s successful marriage and for Garv to find a suitable life partner. Spotting Titlie approaching, Koyal dismisses her, believing that Titlie lacks the ability to maintain a united family. As Koyal is about to drop a diya, Titlie comes to her rescue and prevents the mishap. Although Titlie greets Koyal, she is met with indifference.

On the road, a flower truck nearly collides with Garv, who remains oblivious due to his headphones and fails to hear Titlie calling out to him. Reacting swiftly, Titlie pushes Garv out of harm’s way, causing them to tumble and land in a close embrace. The melody of “Dheere Dheere Se” plays as they lock eyes, captivated by the moment. Garv notices a bouquet of yellow flowers and suggests changing them to orange. However, Titlie asserts her expertise as the decorator and presents him with various options. Observing them together, Koyal ponders how she can keep Titlie from getting closer to Garv. The guests at the event appreciate the beautiful decorations.

In the final scene, Garv appears wearing a sherwani, and Titlie gazes at him, lost in her thoughts. The episode concludes with Garv glancing back at her, indicating a potential connection between them.

[Episode End]

Precap : Monica gracefully dances with her beloved fiancé, and soon the infectious joy of their movement entices other family members to join in the merriment. Amidst the revelry, Titlie finds herself twirling in sync with the music, only to have her dupatta unexpectedly snag onto Garv’s arm. As their steps intertwine, a gentle closeness ensues, leading Garv to playfully inquire if Titlie has fallen in love with him.

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