Titli 09 June 2023 Written Story Update

Titli 09 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Rahul’s mother swiftly silencing the gossiping guests by announcing that Rahul and Titlie’s marriage has been finalized. The unexpected news leaves everyone in a state of shock. Rahul acknowledges his mother’s intention but advises her that she should have waited for Titlie’s response. Observing a cut on Rahul’s hand, Titlie inquires about it and learns that he got injured while protecting her. Rahul explains that he has made a promise to stand by her side. Titlie ponders over his words and eventually agrees to the alliance. However, Rahul urges her not to feel pressured and to answer only when she is ready. Rahul’s mother, overcome with excitement, eagerly plans for their engagement, and Baa readily approves.

In a private conversation, Titlie’s aunt pulls her aside and questions her decision. Titlie recounts the incident where Rahul selflessly shielded her from harm, sacrificing his own well-being. She expresses her deep gratitude, explaining that nobody else would have borne the pain silently for her sake. Touched by the experience of being protected, Titlie feels a newfound connection. In a revealing flashback, it is disclosed that Rahul’s mother orchestrated the incident intentionally, wearing a sly smile as she realizes Rahul’s success in transforming Titlie’s rejection into acceptance. Both mother and son celebrate their achievement, congratulating each other on their covert plan. Titlie, seeking solace, confides in Lord Krishna’s idol, contemplating her attire for the upcoming engagement and hoping that everything will fall into place with his divine intervention.

Baa and Jayshree engage in a discussion about the significance of seeking God’s blessings, while Ramesh opposes the idea due to his reluctance to spend money. Ramesh hands Jayshree a sum of 20,000 and asks her to manage Titlie’s jewelry and attire within that budget. Unbeknownst to them, Titlie overhears their conversation. Subsequently, Titlie takes Jayshree on her scooter to the temple and the market. During their ride, Jayshree inquires if Titlie spoke to Rahul, to which she replies that they merely exchanged morning greetings. Jayshree insists that Titlie discuss the wedding preparations with Rahul and prompts her to call him. However, Rahul declines the call, citing his busy schedule.

Titlie assumes he must be engaged in prayer. As Titlie makes her way to the temple, Rahul’s car passes by, but she misses spotting him. Due to the crowded temple, Titlie requests Jayshree to proceed with shopping while she seeks blessings. Meanwhile, Koyal disrupts the long queue to negotiate the price of a prasad basket. Titlie pays the vendor the requested price and purchases the basket. Koyal is astonished to see her and Titlie explains that she wanted to express her happiness at seeing Koyal but couldn’t lie while holding the basket meant for prayer.

Titlie fervently prays for a blissful married life and later encounters Koyal again. Koyal suggests that Titlie should pray for her fiancé, as she is absent-minded and fails to value money. Titlie responds admirably, expressing her desire to extend her wishes to Koyal as well. She writes a note, hoping that Koyal will gain the courage to explore the world and realize it isn’t as dreadful as she believes. Afterward, Titlie returns to the shop where Jayshree inquires about Rahul’s favorite color in order to select a dress. Titlie favors a pink dress, believing Rahul will appreciate it too. However, they realize that Jayshree left the money at home, forcing Titlie to abandon the idea of purchasing the dress. Instead, she decides to wear one of Jayshree’s dresses and rent jewelry from a shop recommended by Bhakti. When Bhakti arrives, she playfully teases Titlie. In the midst of the preparations, Titlie purchases a balloon for Rahul, which unexpectedly floats away. She chases after it, only to discover Rahul at a café with someone else. The episode concludes with Titlie witnessing this encounter.

[Episode End]

Precap : Rahul’s mother arranges for Titlie to undergo a blood test, stating that it’s a necessary formality before their trip to Dubai. However, she inadvertently discovers a fertility consultation form among the documents.

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