Titli 16 June 2023 Written Story Update

Titli 16 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Garv advising Titlie to break free from her comfort zone, suggesting that her next potential suitor might be even worse. Titlie questions his statement and wonders what if the next person is the best match for her. She believes in wishing for the best things in life and cites the concept of two negatives making a positive. Determined to live new dreams, Titlie decides to leave but accidentally falls to the ground. Garv playfully calls her “Ms. Red Dress” and suggests that she shouldn’t wear a nose ring, as it doesn’t suit her. In response, Titlie tells him not to look at her if he doesn’t like her with the nose ring since it’s something her Mr. Right would appreciate.

Titlie and Garv part ways, and back at home, everyone grows concerned about Titlie’s whereabouts. Moneylenders continuously pester Ramesh for repayment. Hiral takes advantage of the situation and speaks ill of Titlie, pretending to be worried about her family. She accuses Titlie of mistreating her own family and convinces her father to send her to Mumbai for a job. Hiral also claims that Titlie must have lied about Rahul’s marriage intentions because she didn’t want to get married.

Eventually, Titlie returns home, and Chintu warmly embraces her. Overwhelmed with emotions, Titlie cries and shares a hug with Jayshree as well. Koyal scolds their maid for talking on the phone while working and asks for her final payment so she can leave. Koyal insists on teaching the maid how to clean the floor using a cloth instead of a mop. While Koyal cleans the entire floor, the maid stands idle. Two men enter the house, and Koyal misunderstands them, thinking they have come to collect donations. She requests them to leave. Manikant arrives, and the men inform him that they should schedule a meeting for another time.

Manikant steps into the house, his shoes covered in dirt, and instructs Koyal to raise her voice and scream. He scolds her harshly, reminding her of her position within the household. Garv enters and affirms that she never forgets her status. Titlie opens her jewelry box and experiences a deep sense of despair. Jayshree comforts her, expressing her wish to help alleviate the troubles in her life. Titlie reveals that her dupatta had caught fire, causing concern for Jayshree, but assures her that she managed to remove it in time and was unharmed. She recounts how a fire at the mandap had devastated her life, but Lord Krishna had saved her.

Despite the hardships, Titlie remains optimistic and believes that things happen for the better. Jayshree suggests that she may have developed feelings for Rahul, to which Titlie responds that even if she had, she would eventually move on and find someone who would prioritize her above all else. Garv confronts Manikant and declares that Koyal is like a mother figure to him. He takes Koyal’s side and urges his father not to speak rudely to her. Manikant dismisses Koyal as a problem, while Koyal blames herself, referring to her own illiteracy. She asks Garv if he could bring back the decorator, and Garv agrees, feeling remorseful as he watches Koyal clean the floor.

[Episode End]

Precap : In a twist of fate, Koyal and Jayshree fortuitously find themselves positioning Titlie and Garv’s horoscopes side by side in the temple. Overwhelmed with excitement, Koyal shares her recent quest to discover the perfect girl for Garv, and as if by some mystical intervention, Titlie appears right before their eyes.

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