Titli 19 June 2023 Written Story Update

Titli 19 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Titlie expressing her intention to personally thank Koyal. Approaching Koyal from behind, Titlie embraces her, much to Koyal’s irritation. Titlie expresses gratitude to Koyal for exposing the truth about Rahul and Bhairavi. However, Koyal silently prays to never encounter Titlie again, hoping that her son will never come across a girl like her. Despite Koyal’s dislike, Titlie acknowledges that she has gained everything she desired today. Meanwhile, Garv arrives at the temple, and Chintu requests a visit to a restaurant for a meal. Paras asks Titlie if she would like to go, and she agrees. Baa insists on a vegetarian restaurant.

Garv questions Koyal if she has found what she wished for, to which she responds that the person she desires will appear at the right time. Garv and Koyal sit in their car, coincidentally passing by the same location where Titlie is, but they remain unaware of each other’s presence. Back at Titlie’s home, her family enjoys a meal together, cherishing their time as a family. Hiral recounts the chaos caused by Titlie at her workplace by rejecting her boss’s offer. Titlie clarifies that she was unaware that Hiral’s boss was offering her a position. Hiral and Titlie engage in an argument, but Chintu diffuses the tension with a lighthearted joke. At the same restaurant, Monica is dining with her friend Tanya and Tanya’s husband. They discuss Monica’s fiancé, Aditya.

Tanya urges her husband to reduce his phone usage, but accidentally spills water on his file, causing him to angrily raise his hand towards her. Monica arrives and checks if Tanya is okay. Titlie, who witnesses the incident, contemplates the situation. In the meantime, Garv confronts Tanya’s husband in the lockup and inquires if he has previously assaulted her. Tanya reveals that it was the first time, explaining that her husband was under immense stress due to a significant business loss. Garv advises her to consider forgiving his mistake and giving their relationship another chance. Monica attempts to intervene, but Garv stops her.

Garv explains that even good people can make mistakes, emphasizing the importance of careful consideration before making a decision. Tanya agrees to forgive her husband and continue their marriage. Jayshree tells Titlie that she made the right decision and encourages her not to be afraid. When Monica appears stressed, Garv asks her what’s bothering her. Monica questions him if he would offer the same advice if a similar situation happened to her after marriage. Garv jokingly suggests that Aditya is the one who needs advice, implying that Monica would be the one beating him. Monica then asks if he has finalized the decorator yet. Hiral becomes annoyed upon learning that one of her colleagues approached Garv for decorator recommendations. As a result, she intentionally inflates the quotation with additional zeroes, hoping that Garv will reject it.

Hiral makes sure Garv overhears her claim to have Titlie’s work file. He interrupts her and instructs her to immediately call Titlie to the office, as he needs to discuss decorations with her. Unfortunately, Titlie gets stuck in traffic, causing Garv to grow impatient as he has a court hearing to attend. Misunderstanding the situation, Garv assumes Titlie is purposely arriving late, unaware that she is busy clearing the traffic on the road. By the time Titlie arrives, Garv is ready to leave, but their paths cross.

[Episode End]

Precap : Titlie pays a visit to Garv’s house, unaware of Koyal’s strong dislike for her. Coincidentally, just as Garv begins to remove his shirt in his room, Titlie inadvertently walks in, causing his shirt to fall directly onto her face. The unexpected sight of Titlie leaves Garv completely startled.

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