Titli 17 June 2023 Written Story Update

Titli 17 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with several women visiting Titlie’s house and discussing the news that her marriage has been called off, which has spread throughout the town. They are surprised to see Titlie getting ready for work. The women gossip and taunt her, but Titlie cleverly responds by giving an example of a man who falls into a well but doesn’t lose hope by looking at the stars in the sky.

At work, Titlie’s boss instructs her to take care of the new flower shop. He mentions that there are many offices in the area, indicating that she will receive more business opportunities. He advises her to be patient and wait for the right person.

Titlie contemplates how to attract customers to the flower shop. She writes the name “Happy Flower Shop” on the chalkboard outside. Soon, a customer arrives and places an order for a bouquet. As more customers come in, Titlie’s shop becomes crowded. Among the visitors, Garv shows up and notices the crowded shop. He reads the sign “Flower Decorator” and remembers that Koyal asked him to speak with someone regarding Monica’s wedding arrangements. Garv spots Titlie in the shop and reminisces about their previous encounter while the song “Dheere Dheere Se” plays in the background. Unfortunately, Titlie misses seeing him.

Later, Garv is in an elevator when Titlie enters with a bouquet. She recalls telling Garv that she would never meet him again. Garv notices the sign advertising “One-Minute Bouquet Service” and questions if she actually delivers so quickly. He mentions that he has an offer for Titlie, but she rejects it without listening, leading to an argument between them. Titlie questions Garv’s attitude and his rude behavior towards his employees. Garv taunts her, suggesting that she is accustomed to rejecting everything in life. This leaves Titlie feeling upset, and as she leaves, the strap of her bag gets stuck in the elevator. Titlie and Garv make eye contact in that moment of tension.

The employees approach Hiral to inform her about the incident that occurred in the elevator. Hiral expresses her disapproval of the girl’s decision to reject Garv’s business offer, considering it a loss for her. When Garv arrives and requests a file from Hiral, she is impressed by his demeanor. Curious about Garv’s need for a decorator, Hiral inquires with her colleagues, who inform her about his sister’s upcoming wedding. Koyal asserts that men handle more responsibilities than women, implying that they should tolerate occasional scolding. She then instructs the maid to serve juice to the guests. The groom’s parents inquire about Manikant and his wife, prompting their arrival and earning praise as the perfect couple.

In the kitchen, Maina compliments Koyal for preparing a variety of dishes. She invites Koyal to accompany her and meet her children. Hesitant due to being scolded by Manikant earlier, Koyal eventually joins them and performs a ritual to ward off evil spirits. Maina introduces Koyal as “Badi Maa” to her kids, portraying her as an elder sister figure. Hiral informs Garv about a talented decorator named Titlie and suggests calling her. Meanwhile, Chintu visits Titlie and surprises her by revealing that he couldn’t pursue the desired course due to financial constraints. In response, Titlie promises to work harder to support him. Hiral interrupts their conversation to introduce her boss, who has an offer for Titlie.

[Episode End]

Precap : Titlie stormed into Garv’s office, their heated argument resurfacing once more. In the midst of the commotion, Titlie unintentionally stepped on Garv’s loosely tied shoelace, causing her to lose her balance and fall right into his waiting arms. Little did she know, her next destination would be the temple, where she would encounter Rahul and his mother.

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