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Rabb Se Hai Dua 26 May 2023 Written Story Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 26 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Haider’s discovery of a blood stain on the floor, prompting him to follow its trail. Dua, feeling helpless in wiping away Hina’s tears due to her support for Gazal, dismisses the idea as futile. Observing the intense gaze of Eihchaaz towards Noor, Gulnaaz becomes aware of their connection. Dadi expresses her disapproval of Rahat’s decision to abandon Hina with just one slap, suggesting that a second slap might have jolted her back to her senses. She advises Hina to reconsider her allegiance to Gazal and take a stand for what is right, urging her to stop crying in that moment.

In response, Hina asserts that she will not be dictated as to when she can cry or not. She blames Dua for her husband’s departure from the house and her son’s indifference towards her, insisting that Dua and Hameeda should also leave the house. Dadi laments Hina’s apparent blindness to the truth. Hameeda enters the scene, revealing her desire to witness her daughter’s tears, but questions who is truly crying in that moment. She believes that God punishes those who engage in wrongful acts. Hameeda declares her intention to leave the house, prompting Hina to encourage her departure.

Hameeda firmly informs Hina that Dua and her son will not be leaving the house; they will remain here. Hina’s husband has recently left her, and Hameeda believes that one day she will realize her mistake. Hameeda warns Hina not to ever raise her hand on Dua again. Although Hameeda managed to intervene today, she knows that she can’t always protect Dua from Hafeez’s wrath. She urges Hafeez to take good care of Dua, and he assures her that he will. Eihchaaz suspects that Hafeez’s role here is not just for security purposes. He believes that Kaynaat and Hafeez are concealing their love affair from everyone and contemplates informing Gazal about it. On the other hand, Gazal feels that she has gone through a lot to have Haider in her life, and she considers him to be hers. Gazal notices Haider’s presence and realizes that the game is about to begin.

In the midst of the tensions, Hina asserts to Hameeda that Hafeez and Dua do not have the right to stay in the house. Hameeda reminds her to recall the past, emphasizing that Dua allowed everyone to reside in this house. If Dua wishes, she holds the authority to expel anyone. Hameeda advises Hina to stop claiming the house as her own, asserting that it does not belong to Dua or her husband—it belongs to her.

Hina urges Hameeda to vacate the premises and gather her belongings. Hameeda questions Hina’s authority over her husband and advises her to assert her rights within the household. Hafeez, being the husband, does not require her permission to reside here. Dadi, the rightful owner of this house, granted him permission to stay. Hina expresses her dissatisfaction, claiming that Dadi is favoring Dua. Hameeda, having witnessed Hina’s true intentions, refuses to be deceived again. Hina forfeited her privileges in this house when Haider introduced that disrespectful Gazal into our lives. Hina raises her voice, prompting Hameeda to request her to lower it. Hameeda then appeals to Dadi, emphasizing her trust in her and the sacrifice she is making by leaving Dua in her care. Hameeda pleads with Dadi not to betray her trust and assures her love for Dua, which surpasses her love for Hameeda. Dadi promises to look after Dua and assures Hameeda that there is no need to worry, as she will provide the utmost care. Hameeda expresses her disbelief at the current circumstances, apologizing if she was impolite. Dadi embraces Hameeda, offering comfort and solace.

Gulnaaz humbly apologizes to Hameeda and earnestly asks for her forgiveness, acknowledging that they do not deserve it, despite Hameeda’s kind-hearted nature. Dua, understanding the situation, embraces Hameeda tightly and bids her farewell. In the meantime, Haider inspects the store room, when suddenly he hears Gazal calling out his name. Alarmed, Gazal feigns a life-threatening struggle, prompting Haider to inquire about her well-being and the cause of her injuries. Gazal blames him for her condition, accusing him directly. Dua consoles Hameeda, urging her not to shed tears. Hameeda reveals that she didn’t cry as much even during her own farewell. She expresses her concern about leaving Dua alone in this distressed state. Hafeez reassures her of his presence and support. Hameeda advises Dua not to fear anyone, assuring her that God will be by her side. Tenderly, Hameeda notices Dua’s wound and gently caresses it before departing from the scene. Dua, determined not to let Gazal go unpunished, resolves to teach her a lesson. She makes a solemn oath to her mother, promising that she will not allow Gazal to destroy another family. Haider notices Gazal’s injury and proceeds to fetch the first aid kit. Unbeknownst to him, Gazal harbors a vengeful desire to inflict the same pain upon Dua that she herself experienced.

[Episode End]

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