Rabb Se Hai Dua

Rabb Se Hai Dua 10 June 2023 Written Story Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 10 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Haider confessing his love for Dua and urging her to remain seated, not bowing her head in front of others. However, Dua declines his request. Dadi intervenes and insists that Dua should sit as Haider was right, she shouldn’t give up her place for anyone. Unfortunately, Dua loses her balance, but Haider swiftly catches her and prevents her from falling. In that moment, they exchange stolen glances, their feelings for each other palpable. Haider settles Dua back into her seat while attentively watching over her.

Meanwhile, Gazal and Hina become increasingly frustrated by Haider’s care and concern for Dua. Hina suggests that he should show the same level of care for his mother. Haider responds by explaining that he is trying to be a good husband and Hina shouldn’t provoke him to become a bad son. He can’t bear to see Dua in pain. Gazal advises him not to speak to his mother in such a manner, reminding him that she is older and deserves respect. She acknowledges his desire to take care of Dua but urges him not to neglect those who have always supported him.

Gazal then reveals that she cooked for everyone for the first time with love and asks Haider to taste it and share his thoughts. Hina adds that Gazal is an excellent cook and the food smells delicious. Gazal leaves to fetch tea while Haider serves food onto Dua’s plate. Dua becomes emotional upon seeing Haider’s care, but she conceals her feelings. Gazal returns with tea for everyone, offering Haider his cup. However, he declines, stating that he no longer drinks tea and prefers coffee instead. Gazal offers to bring him coffee, and Haider remarks that he will only drink the remaining coffee from Dua’s cup. Gazal recalls this and worries that Haider’s actions may hurt Dua, as she loves him deeply.

Dadi tastes the tea and questions Gazal if she added a lemon leaf instead of a tea leaf, finding it sour. She asks Gazal about her own cup of tea. Hina also tastes her tea and makes a disgusted face. Dadi questions Hina about her reaction, pointing out that she had praised Gazal’s cooking skills. Dadi suggests that they might need to hire a doctor since everyone is going to fall sick after eating the food. Hina defends Gazal, claiming that she finds it tasty. Dadi asks her why she made an unpleasant face then, and Hina admits that she has issues with Gazal, so she is criticizing herself. Dadi insists that Hina taste the food herself.

She skillfully prepared the food for everyone, making sure it was cooked to perfection. While serving the food, she noticed Gazal’s curious gaze and politely asked her to stop staring and assist in serving. Dadi, however, criticized the tea and questioned how she could eat something ruined. Hina, having faith in her cooking, urged Dadi to taste it. Gazal obediently served the food to everyone, while Gulnaaz encouraged them to savor its aroma. Dadi, suspiciously, wondered aloud if the food was laced with poison. Gazal, in her thoughts, contemplated the possibility of adding poison to Dadi’s portion. Dadi then inquired if she had used Fenugreek oil in the preparation. Gazal, unfamiliar with this particular oil, was left puzzled. Haider intervened, urging Gazal to respond to Dadi’s question. With confidence, she informed everyone that she indeed used that oil and enlightened Gazal about its beneficial properties for health. She even praised the oil as the perfect choice for making parathas, creating her own recipe. This amused everyone, leading to laughter. Hina, feeling disheartened, believed she had ruined everything and considered herself foolish. Dadi, mocking her, questioned if her daughter-in-law knew how to cook and teased her for not knowing about the oil. Unbeknownst to them, Hina was preoccupied with complaining about Dua. Dua, fed up with the teasing, implored them to stop mocking her “sautan” (co-wife).

Dua expressed her belief that Gazal lacked culinary skills and couldn’t even differentiate between oils, accusing her of burning food. Dadi questioned who assisted Gazal in cooking the meal, to which Dua confidently asserted that everyone would have their answer soon. She proceeded to show a video where Hina was seen assisting Gazal in the kitchen, hoping to expose Hina’s act of saving Gazal’s reputation. Dadi applauded and appreciated Hina’s performance, demanding an explanation for her pretense. Haider intervened, defending Dua and advising against portraying her in a negative light. Frustrated, Haider left the scene. Hina suddenly began coughing, and Gazal promptly took her away, offering her solace instead of help. Gazal informed Hina that their medicine had run out, but Hina adamantly refused to seek Dua’s assistance. Gazal left to fetch the medicine. Later, Dadi and Gulnaaz enjoyed breakfast together, showering praise upon Hina while making fun of Gazal. Dua expressed her concern for Hina, stating that she hadn’t allowed her to work and emphasizing her own efforts to assist Hina. Dadi accused her of plotting to undermine Gazal. Worried about Hina’s well-being, Dua continued to express her concerns.

[Episode End]

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