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Rabb Se Hai Dua 19 June 2023 Written Story Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 19 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Dua awakening to find Haider sleeping beside her. She urges him to wake up, only to be interrupted by the sound of Dadi’s voice, snapping her back to reality. Confused and annoyed, Dua questions why Haider is sleeping in her room and how he could do such a thing. Haider, taken aback himself, claims ignorance and explains that he had merely come to use the washroom. This sparks an argument between Dua and Haider, with him asserting his right to use the restroom after consuming the spicy food. Dua confronts him, asking if anything happened between them, insisting that he leave her room. Haider reassures her that nothing transpired and playfully mocks her for forgetting everything while asleep. Frustrated, Dua continues to vent her frustrations at him, while Haider reminds her that as her husband, he had promised not to touch her without her consent. Curious, Haider probes her about their relationship and what had occurred between them. Dua responds by warning him that if anything did happen, she won’t forgive him, blaming him for destroying their love by marrying Gazal. She believes that regaining that lost love is now impossible.

Meanwhile, Gazal breaks into tears in the kitchen, regretting her earlier words. She realizes the mess she has made of her life. Dua, mistakenly believing that the sun has risen, confronts Gazal even though she hasn’t woken up yet. In her frustration, Dua accidentally splashes water on Hina, mistaking her for Gazal. Bewildered, Hina questions Dua’s peculiar behavior, to which Dua claims it was unintentional. Gazal and others enter the scene, and Dadi accuses Gazal of disrupting the peace in the house. Gulnaaz queries why the room was left in disarray, and Gazal puts the blame on Dua, asserting that she was responsible for the chaos. Dua defends herself, stating that she had no idea Hina was sleeping in that room. Gazal accuses Dua of intentionally causing trouble for Hina, claiming to be well aware of her intentions. Hina insists that Dua call Haider to expose her true colors, but Ravi explains that Haider won’t come as he is busy with his workout. Hina expresses her disappointment, feeling that everyone is siding with Dua in the situation.

Hina expresses her unbearable frustration and declares her intention to leave the house. She urgently requests Gazal to bring her clothes, to which Gazal inquires about their location. Gazal suggests that Hina should take smaller clothes because the others may not fit her. Dua observes Gazal’s true colors in this situation, suspecting that Gazal is planning to get Hina out of the house. Dua believes that Gazal’s true intentions will soon be revealed, a sentiment that Gulnaaz agrees with, nodding in agreement.

Dua clarifies that she did not intentionally splash water on Hina and justifies her actions by emphasizing Gazal’s responsibility to cook breakfast for everyone and take care of the family. Dua admits that she did not expect Hina to be present at that moment. Hina complains that she cried and slept with her to seek solace, but Gazal deprived her of her rights and burdened her with household responsibilities.

Dadi supports Dua’s actions and mocks Hina, while Noor and Kaynaat join in laughter. Hina perceives their laughter as directed towards her, prompting Dua to demand they remain silent.

Dadi and Gulnaaz continue to make fun of Hina, but Dua feels guilty about mistreating her. Suddenly, they are all shocked to see Hafeez, who is bleeding and has fainted. Everyone rushes to his side, and Dua provides first aid to his wound. Concerned, Dua asks Hafeez what happened to him and why he is in such a state. Hafeez narrates the events of the previous day, leaving Gulnaaz and the others shocked. He reveals that Gazal has once again kidnapped Ruhan and that something terrible is about to happen to him. Hafeez received a distressing message containing a video that shocks Dua, as it shows Eihchaaz assaulting Ruhan. Overwhelmed, Gulnaaz breaks down in tears upon witnessing her son’s condition. The video is promptly deleted after everyone watches it, and Dua acknowledges the cleverness behind its removal. In a moment of despair, Gulnaaz attempts to harm herself, but Dadi intervenes by slapping her and offering words of encouragement, assuring her that nothing bad will happen. Dua reassures Gulnaaz that they will find a way to rescue Ruhan and vows to bring him back home at any cost. Moved by her words, Gulnaaz implores Dua to save her son.

Gazal overhears their conversation and realizes that Gulnaaz’s desire is to have Ruhan rescued. Gazal sees an opportunity for herself as well—if Gulnaaz leaves, Gazal can finally spend her first night with Haider.

[Episode End]

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