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Rabb Se Hai Dua 18 June 2023 Written Story Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 18 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Gazal firmly deciding not to abandon Dua. She is determined to emerge victorious in her challenge and calls Eihchaaz to gather information about Ruhan. Eihchaaz assures her that Ruhan is still alive. Gazal insists that he should refrain from killing Ruhan as she needs him to participate in her game. Eihchaaz complains about being reduced from a contracted killer to Ruhan’s servant. Gazal explains that Ruhan’s time is now over and shares her plan with Eihchaaz, instructing him to carry it out.

Gazal believes that Dua intends to evict her from the house, but little does Dua know that she will be the one leaving forever. Meanwhile, Kaynaat tends to Hafeez’s wound and advises him not to misunderstand their love for Dua. She expresses uncertainty regarding Dua’s acceptance of their relationship. Dua arrives and reassures them that she understands their love and holds no anger towards them. She expresses joy in witnessing their affection for each other and reveals her previous concerns about Kaynaat’s future marriage. Dua presents Kaynaat with a pair of bangles as a gift, symbolizing her acceptance and blessing. She places Kaynaat’s hand on Hafeez’s hand, expressing her happiness and embraces her.

Later, Dua notices Haider sleeping on the floor and realizes that he continues to stay there because he desires a place in her room. Little does he know that he already holds a special place in her heart. She contemplates how they both endure the same pain and decides to sleep on the floor, empathizing with him. Meanwhile, Hafeez detects a mysterious shadow passing by and decides to follow it. Gazal instructs Eihchaaz to kill Ruhan and informs him that she will join him soon. Hafeez overhears their conversation and understands that he must discreetly trail Gazal. He fears Dua’s opposition if she discovers his intentions. Gazal is pleased with Hafeez falling into her trap so easily, underestimating his intelligence. Meanwhile, Haider shivers in the cold outside.

He believes he is sleeping outdoors, contemplating how he will manage to use the restroom without disturbing anyone. Suddenly, he notices that Dua’s room door is ajar. Seizing the opportunity, he quietly slips into her room to utilize the facilities, ensuring Dua remains unaware. Inside, he observes Dua peacefully sleeping on the floor. Sitting beside her, he assumes that she won’t notice him sleeping there and that she, too, is hiding her affection for him. Brushing a stray lock of hair behind her ear, he admires her slumber and gently caresses her hair. Unexpectedly, Dua’s hand reaches out and touches him. As he continues to admire her, they both eventually fall asleep, embracing each other.

Later on, Hafeez arrives at the location and unties Ruhan’s hands, attempting to wake him up. Gazal and Eihchaaz notice Hafeez’s presence and Gazal strikes him from behind. Confused, Ruhan questions why Gazal is attacking him. Gazal reveals to him that Hafeez was the one who had kidnapped him, whereas Ruhan firmly believes it was Gazal who had orchestrated his abduction. Gazal professes her love for him and questions why she would harm him. Ruhan remains skeptical, so Eihchaaz plays an audio recording featuring Dua and Haider’s conversation, exposing their true intentions. Now convinced, Ruhan decides to speak with Dua to ascertain the truth.

Gazal desperately pleads with Ruhan, falling at his feet, begging him not to meet Dua. She explains that she risked her life to save him and urges him to consider why someone would want to harm him. Reluctantly, Ruhan questions why Dua is trying to kill him. Gazal discloses that Haider and Dua are motivated by their desire to obtain the property and refuse to let anyone else have it. Eventually, Gazal manages to convince Ruhan and escorts him away from the scene with Eihchaaz’s assistance. Eihchaaz further manipulates Ruhan against Haider, solidifying Gazal’s narrative. Gazal advises him not to return home for the time being, emphasizing the importance of waiting for the right moment. She persuades him and assures him of their impending marriage. Eventually, Ruhan agrees to accompany Eihchaaz.

Gazal envisions a night where Haider will sleep outside her room, while she anticipates spending the next night with him. She eagerly awaits their first night together, believing that Dua will soon be erased from Haider’s heart and expelled from his life forever.

[Episode End]

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