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Rabb Se Hai Dua 04 June 2023 Episode Written Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 04 June 2023 Episode Written Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Haider beseeching Dua to open the door, declaring that he will not depart until his last breath. He positions himself in front of her room. Gazal, seeking to incite Haider against Dua, contends that everything is unfolding as a consequence of Dua’s actions. She manipulates him with the promise of a better future together and implores him to accompany her. Haider, resolute, asserts that he would rather die than leave. His determination to remain unwavering, Hina inquires about the commotion and reiterates her previous warnings that Dua would only bring him pain. She expresses her anguish at witnessing her son reduced to tears, acting like a helpless child outside Dua’s room. Haider confides in her, stating that he is shattered, and believes that Dua no longer loves him, even hating him. He resolves not to cause her any more pain or witness tears in her eyes. Hina implores him to heed her counsel, lamenting his unwillingness to consider her words. Gazal, however, assures Hina that she will not leave Haider’s side. Hina dismisses Gazal, believing it to be futile to stand by Haider. No matter what she says, betrayal remains betrayal. She forcibly removes Gazal from the scene, convinced that she has made countless attempts to coexist with Haider, only to be thwarted by Dua’s refusal to allow him to be with her.

Eihchaaz reveals his intentions to the unconscious Ruhan, urging him to regain consciousness and engage in a game together. He brandishes a gun, proposing that they shoot at each other, loading a single bullet into the chamber and explaining that the outcome is uncertain. Hafeez is left in a state of shock upon witnessing this spectacle. Meanwhile, Haider and Dua reminisce about their shared moments, succumbing to tears. Dua feels remorseful seeing Haider in such a state and weeps in response. Haider is consumed by guilt for his past actions towards Dua, realizing the pain he has caused her. Despite her anger, Dua cannot bear to pretend to hate Haider or keep her distance, as it only inflicts more suffering upon him. She implores God to grant her strength to endure this situation and to help salvage their relationship. Simultaneously, Eihchaaz takes a shot at Ruhan, who narrowly evades the bullet. He then urges Ruhan to shoot at him, but once again, Ruhan eludes harm. Hafeez is terrified by Eihchaaz’s deranged behavior.

Eihchaaz followed the same method once again, causing Hafeez to worry that he might harm Ruhah. Hafeez felt compelled to take action and save Ruhah from Eihchaaz’s clutches. As Eihchaaz laughed at Ruhah, claiming to be freeing him, Hafeez knew he had to intervene. He understood that if Eihchaaz killed Ruhah, he would no longer have a pawn to manipulate Hafeez’s family. Hafeez attempted to act, but accidentally made a noise, catching Eihchaaz’s attention. Eihchaaz demanded to know who was there, prompting Hafeez to hide, fully aware of the danger he faced if discovered. Eihchaaz threatened to eliminate Hafeez if he found him.

Meanwhile, Haider confessed to Dua that he had hurt her deeply. Despite intending to save her life, he had made a grave mistake and felt broken. He admitted to being a sinner in her eyes and eventually fell asleep. In the meantime, Eihchaaz tried to call his goons for assistance but found that he couldn’t reach them. He left the scene in search of them, creating an opportunity for Hafeez to rescue Ruhan. Hafeez untied Ruhan’s hands and attempted to revive him by splashing water on his face. Hafeez understood the urgency of the situation and knew he had to take action, as failure to do so could result in Ruhan’s death.

Ruhan regained consciousness but was swiftly attacked by the goons from behind, causing him to faint once more. Hafeez was shocked to witness the brutal assault. Meanwhile, Dua emerged from her hiding place and noticed that Haider had fallen asleep. She tenderly caressed his face and contemplated kissing him but quickly remembered his betrayal and held herself back. Dua apologized to Haider, expressing her inability to witness him in such a vulnerable state. She was determined to find a way to rescue him from this dire situation, but she acknowledged that she couldn’t assist him until she resolved the circumstances at hand. Dua apologized once again and left.

Later, Gazal was taken aback when she discovered Dua’s presence in her room.

[Episode End]

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