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Rabb Se Hai Dua 11 June 2023 Written Story Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 11 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Dadi mocking Gazal, which draws Hina’s attention. Fearfully, Hina calls out to Dua, regretting seeking her help. Sensing the need for assistance, Dua confides in Dadi, explaining that she requires help. Dadi dismisses her concerns, attributing the situation to an attempt to bring her down. Dua insists that the reason is inconsequential and emphasizes the need for their help. Dadi reassures her, assuring that nothing will harm her. Exhausted, Gazal returns to her room, feeling like a servant and cook in the house, but still unable to become Haider’s wife. She grows weary of it all. Just then, Eihchaaz calls Gazal to inform her about Ruhan. Gazal interrupts him, stating that she is occupied with a lot of work and asks him not to disturb her. She instructs him to complete the task she assigned. Eihchaaz informs Ruhan that Gazal is not answering his call, infuriating him. In a fit of anger, Ruhan berates Eihchaaz, questioning his audacity to kidnap him. Gazal attempts to contact the medical shop but fails to reach them. Exhausted, she eventually falls asleep. Eihchaaz continues to call her, but she remains asleep. Meanwhile, Hina struggles to breathe in her room and searches for her inhaler. Dua grows increasingly worried about Hina’s health.

Haider notices Gazal sleeping and confronts her for creating a scene earlier. Gazal trembles in fear upon facing him. Haider questions why she asked Hina to cook for her if she doesn’t know how to cook herself. Gazal explains that she did not seek Hina’s help but that Hina voluntarily offered to assist her. Haider argues that Hina knows Gazal is incompetent, incapable of cooking or taking care of the family. He reminds Dua that he has never allowed Hina to work, as he takes good care of her. However, Gazal made her cook. What if something happens to Hina due to her smoking? Hina suffers from asthma, and Haider warns that he won’t be kind to Gazal if anything happens to Hina. Gazal pleads for another chance, promising to learn everything as soon as possible. Haider asserts that he doesn’t care whether she cooks for everyone or not; his priority is his mother’s health. He questions why she is sleeping there instead of staying with Hina, emphasizing the importance of giving her medicine on time. Gazal realizes that she forgot to order the medicine, feeling trapped. She fears Haider’s reaction if something happens to Hina. In a desperate attempt, Gazal lies, claiming to have brought the medicine and blaming Dua for forgetting to buy it. Haider instructs her to take care of Hina and departs.

Dua expresses her concern to Dadi, revealing her worries about Hina’s deteriorating health. Dadi responds by acknowledging that she has done a lot for Hina, despite her initial intention to help her. Dadi believes that Hina will realize she still cares if she extends her assistance. Dua assures Dadi that she doesn’t mind this situation.

Meanwhile, Gazal notices Hina struggling to breathe and fears for her life. Gazal contemplates whether Haider would still stay by Hina’s side if something were to happen to her. Gazal briefly entertains the thought of letting Hina perish in her condition but ultimately feels pity and wishes to save her. She recalls Hina’s confession that she was responsible for her mother’s death, fueling Gazal’s desire for revenge. When Dua calls Gazal’s name, she hides from her sight.

Dua notices Hina’s struggle to breathe and attempts to help her, but Hina refuses her assistance. Dua implores Hina to fight with her when she is in better health, as they have plenty of time to argue. Gazal realizes she must take action and pushes Dua away from her reasoning, pretending to offer help to Hina. However, Dua pushes her away and hurriedly goes to fetch water for Hina.

Dua insists that Hina drinks the water and urges her to calm down, shouting for assistance. Haider arrives on the scene and gazes at Dua. Meanwhile, Ruhan demands that Eihchaaz call Gazal, but she ignores his calls. In frustration, Ruhan begins to assault Eihchaaz for kidnapping him, expressing concern that Eihchaaz is going to die while Gazal remains preoccupied with her work. Eihchaaz contemplates the severity of the beating but remains determined not to let him escape, as it would ruin their plan if he returned home.

Back with Dua, she informs Haider that they have run out of medicine. Haider instructs Gazal to bring the medicine, but she hesitates. He questions her about whether she has obtained the medicine or not, causing her to try to convince him otherwise. In the midst of the tension, Hina interjects, asserting that it was not Gazal’s fault.

Dua realizes that the medicine is in her room and sends a message to Kaynaat, asking her to come to her room. Dua acknowledges that Hina’s situation presents a challenging dilemma for her, as she cannot directly assist her. She discreetly gives the medicine to Kaynaat and implores her not to inform anyone about it. Dua reflects on the moments when Hina treated her as her own daughter, showering her with love.

Haider appears and stops Dua by grabbing her hand, interrupting her train of thought.

[Episode End]

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