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Rabb Se Hai Dua 15 June 2023 Written Story Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 15 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Hina questioning Gazal about her recent behavior. Hina expresses her concern, wondering why Gazal is acting in such a way. Gazal confesses that she is afraid of losing Haider to Dua, believing that Dua will snatch him away from her. Gazal desperately longs for Haider’s love, but he is deeply infatuated with Dua. Gazal laments that if Dua remains in their lives, who will prepare the spicy meals that Haider loves so much? She believes that Dua is causing him pain and suffering.

Hina points out that Gazal’s only way of communication with Haider seems to be through arguments. She suggests that perhaps it is God’s plan for Gazal to be the one who can bring balance to their relationship. Hina encourages Gazal to fight for her rights and prove to Haider that Dua’s love for him is not genuine, emphasizing that Gazal is the perfect match for him. Hina assures Gazal that she will help her remove Dua from Haider’s life and make him fall in love with her instead. With determination, she promises Gazal that Dua will be sent away from their house.

Meanwhile, Gazal receives a call from Eihchaaz, causing her to worry that her plan will be jeopardized if Ruhan comes back. She desperately pleads with Eihchaaz not to let Ruhan return, even going as far as saying she would rather die than face that outcome. Eihchaaz informs Gazal that Ruhan had another fainting episode, much to her relief. She thanks God for this fortunate turn of events and asks Eihchaaz how he managed to escape from custody. Gazal urges Eihchaaz to keep Ruhan safe, emphasizing the need to protect him. However, Eihchaaz suggests that it might be difficult to ensure Ruhan’s safety and proposes the idea of eliminating him instead. Gazal quickly dismisses this suggestion, stating that they still need Ruhan for their manipulative game.

Later, Gazal is a witness to Haider’s romantic encounter with Dua, causing her to drop things in shock. Haider questions her presence and suggests that she should have knocked before entering the room. Filled with anger, Gazal confronts Dua, asking her how dare she come near her husband. Haider, equally upset, questions Gazal’s audacity to speak that way, reminding her that they are married. Gazal challenges Dua’s claim of being his wife, mentioning how she fed him spicy food and made him sleep outside their room, questioning her qualities as a good wife. Gazal urges Haider to see Dua’s true colors, highlighting her various attempts to impress him through feigned madness, arguments, and now seduction.

Attempting to put an end to the escalating tension, Haider tells Gazal to stop. However, undeterred, Gazal fearlessly asks if he slapped her and claims she isn’t afraid of death. Determined to express herself, she insists that Haider listen to her today, causing a scene. Gazal expresses her longing for Haider’s attention, claiming that he is always focused on Dua while she also needs her husband. Confused by the commotion, Dadi interrupts and questions Gazal’s behavior.

Gazal blames Dua for ruining her life and stealing Haider from her. Gulnaaz and Dadi demand an explanation, and Gazal proceeds to narrate the events to everyone. Hina joins Gazal’s side, stating that Dua lacks shame, while Gazal embraces Hina, alleging that Dua’s hatred is all a pretense and an act put on for their benefit. Hina questions Gazal’s insatiable desires and accuses her of creating unnecessary drama. Hina emphasizes that Gazal should be ashamed of her actions, pretending to hate Haider while secretly cooking biryani for him and engaging in romantic encounters with him in their room. Hina declares her refusal to tolerate this deceitful behavior in their household and wonders how she fell for Haider.

Dadi scolds Hina for speaking so brazenly in front of everyone, criticizing Gazal’s unrestricted behavior. Gazal asserts her right to speak openly and reveals that she is also Haider’s wife, having married him through proper rituals. Gulnaaz intervenes, urging everyone to stop the argument, and instructs Noor and Kaynaat to go inside. Gazal continues to express her struggles and demands her rights, urging Haider to come to her room. Haider intervenes, reprimanding her for her incessant chatter and states that she lacks shame and manners. Gulnaaz humiliates Gazal, compelling Haider to assert his stance against her demands. Dadi reminds them that forcing a spouse is not acceptable and suggests that Haider may allocate rights to both his wives. Gazal tries to assert her authority, demanding answers from Dua.

Gazal implores Haider to give her the same love and attention he gives to Dua. Haider asserts that he cannot be forced to love her and states that he has already fulfilled his obligations towards her. He warns Gazal against attempting to snatch Dua’s rights, threatening to take back everything he has given her. Gazal accuses him of showing favoritism, urging him to see Dua’s true colors and the chaos she has created in their household. Haider confesses his love for Dua, leaving her to contemplate the need to intervene. Pretending to hate Haider, Dua asks him to honor her rights, reminding him of Dadi’s advice that a husband and wife should not be forced into anything.

[Episode End]

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