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Rabb Se Hai Dua 29 June 2023 Written Story Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 29 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Gazal cautioning Ruhaan about Dua. She reveals that Dua had ridiculed her suffering and found pleasure in her misfortune. Meanwhile, Dua ponders over why Ruhaan hasn’t disclosed anything about Gazal to anyone in the house. She questions whether his love for Gazal still lingers. Concerned for Gazal, Ruhaan pledges to ensure that Haider receives punishment for his actions. Gazal accuses Dua of orchestrating all the schemes and blames her for driving a wedge between the brothers and their properties. She urges Ruhaan to direct his anger towards Dua instead of Haider. Ruhaan embraces Gazal and assures her of his worry for her. Gazal, however, feels frustrated that the person she desires attention from neglects her, while the infatuated lover boy lavishes her with affection, leaving her irked.

Dua senses that a significant plan has been executed without their knowledge and recollects the incidents leading up to her saving Ruhaan. She speculates about the person who attempted to kill her and questions whether Eichaaz genuinely contacted her for money. Gazal pushes Ruhaan away, citing their new relationship as sister-in-law and expressing concern over potential gossip. Just then, Hina enters the scene, prompting Ruhaan to hide behind the curtain. Hina attends to Gazal and encourages her to eat. Anxious about Ruhaan being discovered, Gazal panics when Ruhaan notices a lizard and begins to move. However, Gazal quickly distracts Hina to prevent her from spotting Ruhaan.

Gazal requested Hina to take her out for a walk because she didn’t want to remain confined indoors and had a desire to cook for others. As Hina escorted Gazal downstairs, Dua, Gulnaaz, and Dadi observed their movements. Gulnaaz was furious that Ruhaan had failed to expose Gazal’s wrongdoings. However, Dua assured Gulnaaz that they didn’t need Ruhaan’s help to reveal Gazal’s true colors and shared a plan with her.

As soon as Gazal descended, Gulnaaz began taunting her about her broken hip and made fun of her condition. Dua noticed Gazal frequently glancing towards her room, which made her suspicious. Gazal, on the other hand, believed that once Ruhaan left her room, she would give a fitting response to Gulnaaz. Hina supported Gazal by expressing her gratitude for having a daughter-in-law like Gazal, who was willing to cook for them even in her current state. Hina found it disrespectful that they were mocking Gazal without showing any gratitude.

Dua sarcastically questioned Gazal’s ability to cook even in her normal state, and Dadi reminisced about the time when Gazal accidentally used kerosene while preparing food. Dadi stated that Gazal couldn’t do anything without Hina’s assistance. Dua challenged Gazal to prove herself by cooking without anyone’s help. In response, Gazal declared that she didn’t believe a woman’s worth was solely determined by her cooking skills. She considered it to be a servant’s job and asserted her authority over the household. Gazal then called someone, and to everyone’s surprise, several servants entered the premises, including Hina, who was taken aback by the sight.

[Episode End]

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