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Rabb Se Hai Dua 02 June 2023 Written Story Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 02 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Gulnaaz pleading with Hina not to mistreat Dua any further. Hina responds by ridiculing Gulnaaz, stating that Dua must vacate Haider’s room. Kaynaat intervenes, accusing Hina of being unjust towards Dua. Hina retorts, asserting that she didn’t grow up to cater to Dua’s needs. Meanwhile, Haider realizes that Dua is missing and follows her. Gazal, observing Haider’s constant pursuit of Dua, feels a pang of jealousy. Haider intercepts Dua as she packs her belongings and implores her to let go of the past. Dua questions how she can forget the way he betrayed her, his disloyalty, and his introduction of Gazal into their home. She refuses to overlook Hina’s humiliation as well. Determined, Haider declares that he won’t allow her to leave. Gazal secretly hopes that Dua will depart, as she envisions starting a new life with Haider. Haider physically restrains Dua from leaving, insisting that she stays. However, Dua removes his hand from hers and questions the purpose of remaining in a house where she doesn’t even have a room. She reminds him of the beautiful moments they shared in that room, as well as the happiness and pain they experienced together. Dua associates the betrayal she endured with that very room, believing that the walls themselves mock her presence. Consequently, she decides to leave, taking her luggage with her. Coincidentally, Gazal enters the room at that moment, and Hina prevents Haider from pursuing Dua, only to have him push her hand away.

Hina implores Haider to lend her an ear. He has been blessed with a fresh start. Henceforth, it shall be Gazal’s room. Gazal celebrates her triumph and commends herself. She expresses gratitude towards Hina for granting her rightful place. Gazal acknowledges Hina for fulfilling her desires and extends her thanks. Hina assures her that no one will trouble Gazal as long as she is alive. She adamantly refuses to let Gazal experience the same anguish she went through. Gulnaaz points out that Gazal is inflicting similar pain upon Dua. Gulnaaz acknowledges that Rahat married Dua out of love, unlike Hina who is pressuring Haider to live with Gazal, oblivious to her true intentions. Hina raises her voice in anger at Gulnaaz. Gulnaaz insists that Hina remains the same person who tormented her day and night. Gazal reminds Gulnaaz not to forget that her daughter is there to support her. Dadi intervenes, urging them to cease their argument and address the matter concerning Dua. Haider congratulates Hina for snatching Dua’s room and giving it to Gazal, sarcastically. He mentions that Hina may take away his rights but she cannot erase Dua from his heart, as she will always hold a special place within him.

Haider declares his firm decision to prevent Dua from leaving the house, emphasizing that if she departs, everyone else will lose their right to reside there. Determined, he follows closely behind Dua, while Hina hastily pursues him. In the meantime, Eihchaaz approaches Ruhan, and Hafeez vigilantly keeps watch over him. Expressing his displeasure, Eihchaaz reprimands the hired thugs for their negligence in taking care of Ruhan, cautioning them about having to answer to Gazal if any harm befalls him. Recognizing his inability to handle the situation alone, Hafeez contacts Ravi for assistance, urgently sending him a message.

Curiosity piqued, Dadi questions Dua about her decision to offer her room to Gazal, stating that Dua has every right to occupy that space. Dua calmly explains that she willingly gave up the room to Gazal, as Gazal likes to use the same things she does, and she doesn’t mind relinquishing it. Dadi and the others insist that Dua should stay with them, expressing their gratitude for the love they have shown her. Dua appreciates their affectionate gestures and responds to Hina, asserting that she has yet to win over her heart as a rival and that she remains detached from her own family.

Hina suggests that Dua stay in the guest room since they designated it for guests. Dua confidently states that she has already decided where she will stay and does not require Hina’s assistance. Intrigued, Hina questions why Dua is heading towards her room. In the meantime, Hafeez continues attempting to reach Ravi. Dua proceeds to remove Hina’s clothes from the wardrobe, explaining that she is making space for herself. She believes that this room is deserving of someone who has been abandoned by their spouse, just as she has been left by Haider. Dua confidently responds to Hina, appreciating the good fortune she possesses and reminiscing about her own wounds. Dadi feels proud of Dua’s resilience. Gazal advises Dua to refrain from speaking to Hina in such a manner, but Dua sternly tells her to keep quiet unless she wants to receive another slap. Dua insists that first wives should communicate with each other, urging Gazal to stay in her place. Dua predicts that Gazal will experience the same pain she endured when Haider brings his third wife, and she will suffer even more from her own actions. There is ample space in the room for a third person.

[Episode End]

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